All You Need To About Motorcycle Helmets And Its Importance

Let's deal with it. You are a veteran rider, you want the feel and thrill of speeding along the busy highway without a helmet.I feel the same for you. Sometimes I break the rules and go without one, because nothing beats the excitement and awesomeness of looking cool without one.But what if...

All You Need To About Motorcycle Helmets And Its Importance... #motorcycle #Helmet

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You wake up one day and realize that you have a brain damage or injury that resulted in you having a brain surgery. Well, like many riders I used to underestimate the importance of motorcycle helmets. When asked by a traffic officer, why we didn't have one we gave out the same old excuses.

Here Are The 5 Common Excuses That You And I Have, About Helmet.

Helmet aren't cute

Let's face it. They are not the gorgeous thing to put on your head. They are not that attractive. When you are tearing the road, you want heads to turn and maybe give a glance of the person behind that awesome motorbike. But helmets happens to deny you and me that feeling of importance and admiration from the bystanders.

Helmets are uncomfortable

Most of you have had this experience. You walk into a store, try the helmet and come up with a conclusion that you should buy it. Only to be frustrated a week later because it is uncomfortable. Well, they are zillion of helmet, but the problem comes to finding the right fit for you. That is probably why you have this excuse that they are uncomfortable.

You are used to driving without one

The reason why the number of motorcycle accidents is more than cars, is that most people have never worn a helmet. They think that since they are not in Motorsport, there is no need to even have one. Because of that they go for months or even years without one. The reality is that motorcycle accidents are more fatal and they have a higher chance of disabilities than car accidents.


Chances are if you went to the street today, you will see lots of riders without a helmet. Because of that, you will tend to conform to the norm. Unless you have an accident that is when you will realize that you need a Open Face Helmet. My advice:Don't subscribe to this conformity mindset, in the event an accident, you will be the only one nursing the injuries.

You probably don't want to be seen with a helmet

Most riders think that they will be less of person when they wear one. But let me tell you something...If you wear a Modular Helmet you will look conspicuous for the other driver on the other side. The helmet is designed to be conspicuous to enhance visibility so that the other person on the road won't second guess who is coming.

Most accidents occur because the other person didn't have a clue on of the person coming along the highway. Now that we have covered some of the reasons why most people hate helmet let us look at....

How Helmet Work To Prevent Injuries

I would be doing you a great disservice if I mention the importance of a helmet without telling you how it works. A lot goes into making a helmet superior enough to prevent head injuries. But I won't walk you to the science of helmet construction, I will give you just the basic that only counts.

Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

A helmet is designed to compress when it is hit, which decreases the fatality of the impact. It does this by absorbing and dispersing force.To achieve this level of superior safety and comfort, the helmet is designed to have different features and capabilities. For example, most Dirt Bike Helmets come with 3 layers. That is, the shell, the liner and the interior. All of these 3 layers serve different function to ensure that the impact is not that great or felt by your head.

  • The shell, which happens to be the hard plastic, serves the role of skidding, prevents the neck of possible injuries and deflect way objects.
  • The liner, which is the hardest form of the helmet, compresses and takes most of the force of an impact.
  • The interior, which includes soft padding that are designed to give you comfort and a snug fit.

All these 3 layers are designed to work together to prevent the possibility of your having an injury.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Wear A Helmet (Even If You Hate Them Like Me)

It is required by law

Because of the high rise of Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, the law requires everybody to have one. Virtually every state has its own law, but they all agree that each motorcycle rider wear one or face a penalty. Now... This happens to affect even kids that have scooter, bike or motorcycle. When the traffic officers find you having none...

They will either make you pull over and you will be ticketed. Sometimes you will have to pay fines or go to jail in other states. Depending on where you live, it can be devastating when you find yourself in the confines of the jail.Guys, my fellow riders, let put this on, and avoid the hefty charges and fines. The good news is that this blog has some of the best reviews of about helmet that you can read and make the decision to purchase one.

Lowers the risk of head injury

Let me ask you something: Do you know the cost of brain surgery or let say plastic surgery? Well, maybe I sound old school. But let a say you have a big in your face, fracture you will need a plastic surgery. The cost of brain surgery is in the range of thousands of dollars or even millions supposed the accident was that fatal.

And imagine this calamity happens because you ignored a simple thing that cost only $100 or less dollars. Now you have to pay a $100, 000 for treatment. Now between paying $100,000 for treatment or $100 for a helmet which one is sound reasonable. You know the answer.

They enhance visibility

I guess most of you are familiar with these. You are on the highway speeding up without a helmet. And tears are coming out of your face, because of the air. The result:You are distracted and you may not see clearly. It can be hard to see even the cars and trucks that come on the way.

Bell Minnie Toddler Helmet

And let say that it’s raining, the chances of you causing an accident are increased by 1000%. For that reason, the helmet will make you see clearly without distraction and since most helmets are colored, the other driver will be able to see you.

You escape road debris

You know how frustrating it can be. You are speeding through a highway, when a car just splashes water on your face. Or dust just blows on your pretty face and you lose control of your bike. Yeah, it can happen to anyone.Getting a helmet with superior face guard protects your from all this disaster.

Protects you from climatic conditions

Whether it is summer or winter, you are fully protected. In the summer, a helmet protects you from the sun's rays to enhance clear vision.In the winter, the helmet will make you feel warmer inside. Having a helmet is the most important accessories that you will ever buy to keep you safe after you have just had your own bike.

If you don't know where to start, we have full archive just showing you the best helmet that you can choose. In the review I answer every question about each design of the helmet plus the limitation that the helmet has. Check out our archives and you will be amazed at what we have in our store

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