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When you are riding the bike with your child, you require a security helmet for yourself and also, for your baby. Children likewise need a few helmets when they are riding their bikes. Wearing helmets is not just a security administer rather it shields you and your kid from swear mischances.

Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet Guide And Review

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Like motorcycle helmets for adults, there are several kinds of helmets for the little kids too. The toddlers also need protection while they are on their little bikes to protect them from severe injuries the helmets of toddlers are made extra strong and flexible. There are many advantages that you can gain by buying the fancy helmets for your toddlers.

The Bell Minnie Toddler Helmets not only protect the little kids but are also a source of enjoyment for them. In this regard, the Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet is an optimal choice for you. There are many distinctive features of the helmet, some of these are as follows:


Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet is a one of the best in our Helmet List. The main character of the Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet are as follows:

  • The Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet is specially made for the toddlers. It uses 3D features to develop an attractive and eye-catching look for the little kids.
  • It is accessible in many other designs which make it very alluring. The kids can buy the design which they want to. It not only makes their ride safe but also helps them to enjoy while they are riding.
  • The chin strap of the helmets makes it easier to keep it safely on the head. The helmet is very useful in protecting the head and the face region of the kid.
  • The internal padding of the helmet is quite soft and cozy. It keeps the wearer in complete solace and comfort.
Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet

How to Consider The Helmet

Before you can buy Joovy Noodle helmets, you need to take care of certain factors that can help you to find perfect helmets for you and your little kids.

Vents and Durability

The first thing that you need to look is the durability of the helmets. The helmets must be durable and sturdy. The toddler helmets are stronger and protective. The hard outer layer of the helmets forms the first protective coat of the Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet. The toddler helmets have certain kind of 3D features attached to them which makes it very useful from selling point of view.

So, always to consider the durability of the helmet before actually buying them. Along with the durability, you ought to consider the vents of the helmet. The vents are the holes on the top of the helmet. These holes maintain the airflow and keep the head of the rider cool during a hot day.

Colour, Style, and design

These three things are the primary elements which the children look in for a helmet. Firstly, they are attracted towards the color of the Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate helmet. The kids are often drawn towards places having their favorite color. Secondly, the style of the helmets invites the kids too.

IF the helmet has an eloquent design with various 3D features of their favorite cartoon, then it’s more likely that hey they will end up buying the Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet. Thirdly, different designs of the helmets are a perfect attraction for the toddlers. Combining the three elements in a single helmet will help you to attract more buyers.

Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet Review

Straps of the Helmet

The straps of helmets play an important role in keeping the Motorcycle Half helmets in place while you ride the bicycle or anything. If the helmet does not remain in place, then it might get off. The chin straps act as a retention system for the helmet. When you fall, then the chin straps keep the helmet held in one place.

Things I liked about this Helmet

  • The helmet has two vents on the upper surface to maintain the air flow. It helps to keep the head of that wearer cool while he/she is riding a bike.
  • The Bell Star War 3D helmet has attractive features and characters made on it which catch the eye of the toddlers.
  • It has an adjustable chin strap that keeps the Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet tight on the head.
  • It is accessible in many other designs too. You can purchase the one that is according to the needs and desires of your kid.
  • Despite, the 3D features it has a strong protective outer cover that saves the wearer from any fatal head injuries.

Things I didn't liked about this Helmet

  • One thing that the helmet does not support is the adjustable size of the helmet. It has an adjustable chin strap which h=keeps the helmet in place.

How to Use This Helmet

When you wear a helmet, the key thing that you need to look is that the Schwinn Thrasher helmet gives you comfort. Utilizing the helmet is not a difficult task, and there are no extraordinary directions that you have to take after. In any case, there are a few elements that you have to consider while you are wearing a helmet.

Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet

The clasps or straps ought to be kept tight when you wear the helmet. Selecting a helmet that is a bit free on your head won't have the capacity to secure your head, and may harm your head when you fall. Consistently pick the Modular Helmet that fits on your head precisely.

The Bell Chile Star War helmet is an excellent helmet. It is one of the best motorcycle helmets that you can buy to ensure the head and face of your kids.


Q. Is the helmet ski and snow sports safe as well?

A. You can use the helmet for the toddlers when you snow sport, but it is not primarily designed to fit ski goggles, however, you may provide the glasses on the top of the helmet. But it can make the helmet bulkier.

Q. Are there holes on the top to maintain air passage?

A. Yes, there are two vents on the upper surface of the helmet. These vents retain the air flow and don’t let the wearer suffocate inside the helmet.

Q. Does it fit the head of adults?

A. The helmets are perfect for a four-year-old baby, but above this age, the helmet can’t fit a bigger head. If you are trying to fit the helmet for a 10-12-year-old boy/girl.

Q. Does the helmet have an adjustable tightener?

A. The helmet does not have an adjuster for the size of the helmet, yet there is a chin strap which can be used to adjust the helmet while the toddler wears it.

Final Verdict

The helmets are essential nowadays, due to increasing traffic, you ought to take a helmet with you. And while traveling with your little ones you need a helmet for them too. Wearing a helmet is not only the requirement of the rules, but it’s a matter of safety of human life.

The Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet is a perfect Open Face helmet for your kids. It has many safety distinctive features which protect your babies from fatal head and face injuries.

There are many advantages of buying the Bell Child Star Wars Multi-Sport Helmet; the helmet is not only a source of safety but it the little kids also rejoices wearing the helmets with 3D features like cartoons, etc. on the helmets. While considering the helmet for your child you can also opt for different designs in which it is accessible in the markets.

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