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Bell Company has been the forefront of producing a better auto-racing helmets. Helmets that come with superior features that provide ultimate premium support and comfort. Owning Bell helmets puts you on the side of the angels. You get the feeling of riding your bike with great confidence and enthusiasms. Still on that...

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Bell Company happens to be the first company to create advance Motorcycle Half Helmets that meet the FIA-886 specifications. Because of that, this article goes into great depth of reviewing 5 of the best helmets created by the Bell Company. But before that. You may want to know the features of the Bell helmets.

Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet

Editors Rating

The Bell segment multi-sport helmet happens to be the helmet for those who take part in the cycling races. The features and designs that Bell Company included in this helmet is superb.

Bell segment multi-sport helmet is one of the best helmets that faces the sturdy competition from other brands of helmet like Giro. It is a great Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet that deserves a mention. Every cycling star will tell you how important it is having Bell segment Multi-sport helmet.

Features of the helmet

  • large to fit any size: 58-63cm/ 22.73''-24.75'
  • Comes with EPS liner
  • Has 8 cooling vents
  • ASTM BMX standard safety rating
  • It’s a hard plastic shell made from ABS.

Things I liked about this Product

Safety measures

It is one of the best helmet that has three safety ratings such as CPSC, MBX(ASTMF-2032) and Skating(ASTM FI492).

Foam liner

The segment comes with a foam liner that hold the helmet together and is flexible enough to reduce tension on your head so that it fit correctly.

Extra padding

Comes with many thick paddings in order to give you a proper fit so that you can be comfortable.


The straps are easily adjustable around your neck. They are so soft that wouldn't think like the helmet is pinching you.

Things I didn't liked about this Product

The helmet comes with no visor.

Bell Adrenaline Bike Helmet

Editors Rating

It could have been priced higher because of the extra protection that it provides.

Bottom line:

Although most high-end product feature better ventilation and weigh less. The reality is that the Bell adrenaline bike Open Face Helmet has exceeded the expectation, thereby provide better styling and comfort. While at the same paying lots of attention to the primary function of the helmet. Which is safety. The new innovative designs in this helmet make it have a dynamic look.

Features of the helmet

  • Comes with visors protection that protects your eyes from the sun.
  • On the top it has 10 vents and 6 in the rear end to keep you cool.
  • True fit-easy to fit on your head without lots of stress
  • Has impressive reflectors to improve your visibility
  • Comes with pinching guard buckle.

Things I liked about this Product

Light helmet

So light that you won't feel like you have a helmet on your head.


The straps of this helmet are sewn below the ears unlike other Modular Helmets that have adjustable Camlocks. Which makes it more comfortable because they aren't hard plastic Camlocks against the sides.

Contoured buckle

The helmet is contoured with buckle that prevent pinching when you are buckling the helmet together.


Has nice reflectors on the back straps


Has a thin and light visor that does block the sun's rays from reaching your eyes.

Light colors

The good things about this helmet is that it doesn't come with crazy colors like other helmet. It has light colors that reflect light and helps you be more visible.

Things I didn't liked about this Product

I will admit that the helmet has a decent air flow, but the sweatband gets wet.

Bell Minnie Toddler Helmet

Editors Rating

Ever wanted to make your kids have the excitement of riding their bike? Then the best gift that you can ever give them after buying the bike is the helmet. Not only will be they be happy, but they will get the excitement and the thrill of biking more. They will want to be the starts that they see in movies and cartoons and getting them a helmet happens to be the best gift you can ever give them.

Features of the helmet

  • Comes with reflectors that improve visibility.
  • Has 8 vents to improve air flow and keep your kid cool
  • Has pinch guard that ensures zero-pinch buckling.

Things I liked about this Product

Chin straps

The chin straps are long enough to provide room so that you can adjust them for a custom fit.


The helmet comes with 8 vents that improve air flow so that your kid remains cool and relaxed.

Pinch guard

You can adjust the buckle so that it doesn't become so tight that it pinches your kid.

Extra protection

The helmet comes with an extended rear coverage, which aid in providing extra protection for your kid.

Things I didn't liked about this Product

This helmet is not a true fit. To get the better size of your kid, you will need to size up. But first get the right measure of your kid.

Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet

Editors Rating

If you have watched the cartoon frozen, you will know how kids love it. That is why Bell decided to make a helmet that was attractive to the kids by featuring a frozen graphic design on the helmet. If your kid is a fan of this cartoon, the best way you can make them happy is by getting a helmet of this kind for them. They will be happy and feel confident about biking with their friends.

Features of the helmet

  • Comes with a pinch guard system.
  • Has a glittered bottom wrap.
  • Fitting head sizes: 50-54cm
  • Comes with a 3D tiara, which small kids love it.

Things I liked about this Product

True fit

The fitting system is self-adjustable. Your kid will fit in the helmet snugly, you won't have the impatient of trying to adjust and fix the chin straps.

The glitters

The finishing touch of the helmet has raised glitters around the snowflakes.

The chin straps

It’s adjustable and provide more room for your kid to grow. Nice designs.When you buy this helmet, your kid will be obsessed about the nice colors that the helmet has.

Things I didn't liked about this Product

Happens to be an excellent helmet, but it lacks extra padding to adjust fit. The tiara on the head may interfere with your kid's head protection.

Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet

Bell Toddler Zoomer Bike Helmet

Editors Rating

If the last three helmets didn't strike your ego, then this will. Because the Bell toddler zoomer bike helmet comes to nicely designs to ensure that your kid's safety is important. Looking at the chin straps to well-constructed vents, you will have confidence that you are buying an excellent helmet that will surpass your expectation.

Features of the helmet

  • comes with 7 vents that will keep your kids head cool
  • Pinch guard system
  • Fitting sizes: 48-52cm
  • Extended rear coverage ensures extra protection.

Things I liked about this Product

The chin buckle

When you buy this helmet, you will see that the chin buckle has been extended which prevents your kid's skin from soreness.

True fit

It is a self-adjusting system that will fit any kid's size.

Pinch guard

The pinch guard included in this helmet ensure pinch-free buckling.

Things I didn't liked about this Product

There is only one drawback that I see with this helmet. I will have to admit that it is a good helmet, but it lacks enough padding.

Features That Bell Helmets Have

I have to admit that the Bell Company puts energy and effort to designing some of its helmet. The great technology that that comes with this Bell helmet is what makes cycling star love product from Bell Company.

The Shield System

If you are making your first order, you have to specify on the type of shield systems that you want. Every helmet that Bell Make has two types of shield. You can either order a helmet with SRV or Detent system. The main function of this shield is to reduce possibility of your Best Motorcycle Helmet from opening during a crash.


Bell helmets come with top premium certifications such as the SNELL, FIA, DOT and others.Certifications like this give you lots of confidence when buying a helmet. The Bell Company went on further to have Snell-FIA CMR standard rating for young drivers.

Adjustable Ventilation Systems

Enough vents come included in this helmets to offer you better cooling systems during the hot weather.

Aerodynamic Helmets

Because of their aerodynamic shape, it easy to bike using these helmets without feeling like the wind or air is dragging you behind.

Final Verdict

Let's face it. The Bell Company did a lot of work in the design of cycling racing. You won't go wrong when you buy a helmet from Bell Company. They have been creating better helmets with better technology that the most of its competitors find it hard to imitate.

This unwavering desire to manufacture better helmets by Bell is what makes people buy its helmet. Like any other helmet, you won't miss any flaws from it, but , it is a good helmet

Willim Jacob

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