A Thoughtful Way To Choosing The Best Modular Helmet – Guide And Review

We all of us want to stay alive, rock life to the fullest, have the best fun on planet earth, but more importantly, make the most out of it. Anything that ensures we stay safer is something to we would love to look out for, at least we do our past in keeping ourselves safe. 

For riding fanatics, the thrilling whirring wind that comforts us into liveliness through our ears, the art of swapping from one lane to another and the chemistry of avoiding setbacks as we cruise through the runaways, can be some experience out of this globe.

A Thoughtful Way To Choosing The Best Modular Helmet... #Modular #Helmet

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MY TOP PICKS FOR THE Best Modular Helmet

But as riding your motorcycle can be such fun, imagine you accidentally crush at your hide speed, land of your head. One thing you can only count on at that quick impact as your adrenaline goes into tatters is your modular motorcycle helmet; only if you were lucky to be on one.Otherwise, you could get harmed. Come on! Nobody wants that. It's good we have you around in good shape, at least for your time.

The 14 Ultimate List of Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Firstly; being a motorcycle rider fanatic too, I have gone through the rough path of trying out and identifying the best modular helmets. Even though some didn't match up to the task, I closed in on these top best brands in the market that not only command great performance, efficiency, and reliability but also are like no other.

Secondly; I have prepared for you in-depth and extensively researched benefits and drawbacks of each of these top class reliable brands. This is because being honest with you is the best policy to this critical decision.

Money invested should match up the gains in the long run. And all of us agree too, no product in the globe is perfect, nothing is. But the amazing part is these modular helmets; the benefits overwhelmingly outweigh the drawbacks. No wonder they are the top best.

Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet Matte Flat Black DOT

Editors Rating

We love Full Face Motorcycle Helmets that are cleverly designed and intelligently engineered. A helmet that not only delivers on its user-friendly features for every ride but also ensures it combines latest advanced technological dynamics, with efficiency and comfort, is what exactly this modular helmet achieves. This is what the Modular Flip-up Best Motorcycle Helmet Matte Flat Black DOT ensures you get the best of your motoring.

Features of this Helmet

  • Bluetooth technology
  • Quality material design
  • Ample ventilation
  • Great functionality
  • Compliance and certification

Things That I Like in Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet Matte Flat Black DOT

These aspects I discovered in this unisex helmet that left me irresistibly satisfied and thrilled for my ride.

Tech Savviness

Imagine you are riding on high speed on a highway, and you receive that most anticipated call. You don't need to stop to take it, especially if the road safety regulations don't permit so. This clever helmet allows you, thanks to its third-party Bluetooth technology, to take comfortably your call as you maintain your pace on your ride. This means you stay safer too and concentrate keenly on the road. We all appreciate equipment that ensures more safety.

Durability And Material Design

The Cruiser Motorcycle helmet features fiber reinforcement combined with a thermal plastic composite shell design. This ensures longevity. We don't want to be replacing fast wearing out helmets every other time. This could be in the long run expensive.

The chin strap comes with EPS impact foam to make sure your helmet stays put, during that very needy moment. Worried about functionality? Not with this helmet. Its single push button flip-up allows you to easily remove the helmet for those emergency moments or when you feel like.

Safety And Ventilation

It is DOT safety tested and approved, so don't be worried of standard compliance. It exceeds unbelievably DOT specifications (FMVSS.218). Your safety is prime with the Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet Matte Flat Black DOT.

You don't want to suffocate and sweat as you ride through the air that should be breezing you. It intertwines air circulation with comfort for the enjoyable ride. This is credited to its easy to open air vents for maximum circulation at your high-speed motion. It is easy to grip with your gloves and stays waterproof during wet conditions.

Other Aspects

Conveniently remove it and wash its interiors with much ease. It is light in weight and expects a cloth helmet bag accompanied for storage. You don't need to hang your helmet unsafely on your bike. It comes in all sizes heads, so you don't need to worry whether you could match. It is easy to put on glasses while wearing it too.

Things I didn't like about the Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet Matte Flat Black DOT

  • The helmet doesn't come with a smoked visor.
TCMT Adult Gloss Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT XL

Editors Rating

If you are into fashionable Open Face Helmets that provide modern functionality for the best performance, this is what the TCMT Adult Gloss Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT M ensures you get. Safety is a top compliment in a helmet and epitomized visibility. You will be amazed by this one long-lasting design that will leave you satisfied and have a great feel all along as you go about your riding escapade.

Features of this Helmet

  • Anti-fog engineering design
  • Great durable design
  • Ample ventilation
  • Beautiful design

Things That I Like in TCMT Adult Gloss Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT M

My experience with this helmet incredibly awed me, and this is what exactly left me more satisfied.

Ventilation System

Nobody wants a helmet that strangles you up or feels like a hell of a wear, we like it more conveniently comfortable and relaxing. This Modular Helmet to my surprise surpasses this and goes further to give more.

For your pleasurable breathing whether in high or low speed, its carefully choreographed to detail with ventilation that embraces front back air-flow an accolade of its breath guard too. This ensures the most of your air supply regardless of speed and that feeling you can stay the helmet on for a long time without getting tired of it.

Material Design

It can be tiresome, time-consuming and strenuous when you buy a helmet and find it wearing out fast, calling for regular replacements. Nobody wants to waste value for money in such kind of products.To keep in mind this, the intelligent design is made of an unbelievable Polycarbonate and Thermoplastic composite shell.

This means you don't need to worry about its wear and tear. It is meant to serve you in the foreseeable future while giving you the best. The interior is one incredible heavy cushion for comfort; this doesn't mean it is heavy.

Visibility And Comfort

Imagine riding your motorcycle at high speed, the weather if foggy. You helmet visor keeps entertaining the fog endangering your visibility. The ride can feel like one heck of a boring engagement. You deserve the best out of your adventures. With an Anti-fog and anti-scratch sharp design, you won't be any more worry of fog affecting your vision, and it can also withstand scratch marks that leave the visor blurring in the long run.

The visor is an Ultra violet light finish. This makes it one fun of a product. The visor too is clear with a wide visual field. You will remain comfortable regardless of your speed because you have what you deserve. The neck is padded for great fitting

Weight And Safety

Don't bother whether during those emergency moments you will be fighting with your helmet to get it off. This has been solved thanks to quick release visor mechanism and liner. The cheek pads are very soft and light in weight too, for you to easily remove your helmet. A light helmet is a safe helmet. It is DOT certified standard, so don't doubt whether it is lab tested for maximum consumer safety.

It comes with a shock absorbing liner for impromptu action moments, a padded chin strap to keep its place and a strap keeper. Riding fanatics agree, we don't like carrying the helmet at a stop, all over, this can be tiresome and boring. Its helmet bag ensures you store it safely before next use.

Weight And Safety

Things I didn't like about the TCMT Adult Gloss Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT M

  • It doesn't have the functionality of camera attachment because of air vents.
Motorcycle / Snowmobile Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Helmet DOT

Editors Rating

Top class, sophistication, and style is what the Motorcycle / Snowmobile Matte Black Dual Visor Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet DOT is all about. We love turning some extra heads too for those wanting of the same, thanks to its careful finish. It pulls off great safety needs, just to ensure your riding is more complimented for a smooth ride.

Features of this Helmet

  • It is safety certified
  • Durable and great in functionality
  • Great ventilation
  • High visibility
  • Comfortable to wear

Things that I liked in the Motorcycle/Snowmobile Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Helmet DOT

What stood out most that will leave you thrilled about this helmet includes;


Never have doubts of its approval for user safety. The helmet is DOT certified and lab tested to meet top-notch standards. It surprisingly even exceeds these standards on a rating of (FMVSS.218).

Convenience And Safety

I say a helmet that is not safe for me is not a helmet anymore. All of us admire that in helmets. This model is keen on that, especially in urgency needs. With its single push button and modular flip -up, it ensures next when you want it off very quickly, it is never a struggle but ease. It is an EPS Impact Absorption Inner Liner, for enhanced shock containment.

Air Circulation

We want to breath big and sound during our fast speed using our helmets. It comes with easy to open air vents designed for top class durability and functionality. This literary means you stand an amazing chance even to fresh breath while on it better that without it. This makes the Motorcycle / Snowmobile Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Helmet DOT more than an expectation of a helmet.

Material Reinforcement

Are you the type keen on quality and long lasting effect in helmets? This modular helmet has it all. With a fiber reinforcement, the embrace of EPS impact shock for absorbing shock action, you are good to go. It is an ABS thermal plastic composite shell that summarizes the whole helmet with a model that is stubborn to wear and tear. But it remains light in weight for your comfort.

Other Features

You need to stay safer with a precise vision all through you ride, courtesy of the anti-scratch dual inner sun visor. The visor anti-scratch built with drop down functionality for extra convenience. It is fast to remove too. When it is wet, you don't need to worry because it is waterproof and easy to handle with your gloves.Remove and wash it with ease. You are bound to be spoilt for choice when it comes to this helmet

Things I didn't like about the Motorcycle/Snowmobile Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Helmet DOT

  • You can't wear your prescribed glasses with these shades on, conveniently
ILM 8 Colors Motorcycle Modular Flip up Dual Visor Helmet DOT

Editors Rating

If you appreciate the durability and outstanding outlook in a modular helmet. The ILM 8 Colors Motorcycle Modular Flip Up Dual Visor Modular Snowmobile Helmet DOT exactly actualizes this for your preferred needs and taste. The ability to easily and comfortably use it left struggling not to ignore it. It is one helmet that will surpass expectations and ensure your riding is never the same again.

Features of this Helmet

  • Quick removal
  • User-friendly visor
  • Durable material design
  • Easy to clean
  • Less noisy

Things That I Like in the ILM 8 Colors Motorcycle Modular Flip Up Dual Visor Helmet DOT

Nothing maintains unmatchable features for the most of your head comfort and relaxation like the compliment of this helmet's body structure. It comes in a carbon fiber look gloss finish.


You want the excellent 360-degree glance clearly as you cruise through the main or off-road. This is made possible thanks to the helmet's Anti-scratch and anti-fog capability. This implies as other regular model users worry about getting through the harsh foggy weather, yours is just a wide smile because the modular helmet resists visor fogging maintaining a clear visor all through. The visor is a Retractable Inner Tinted Smoke.


No model commands absolute functionality like the ILM 8 Colors Motorcycle Modular Flip Up Dual Visor Helmet DOT. It comes along with an easy to push button modular flip-up function, so removing it is as quick as you anticipated. This is emphasized by the quick release visor mechanism, for those urgent needs.


It brings you a sleek design, sustaining a light weight for your head; this ensures makes you feel like the helmet it's as if it is not worn after some time. We love this is great products. It also ensures as you cruise through the winds, minimal noise destructs you for effective concentration. It is keen on light weight liners and cheek pads, that not only remain soft but easily removable even to wash.


Stay more excited for the longest of your usage time as you go through the boundaries with this Dirt Bike Helmet. It is injected with a molded Polycarbonate and Thermoplastic Composite Shell; this brings you an outstanding material longevity for the best of your experience. This saves costs of replacement and repairs in the long run.


You need to breathe well; its ventilation is concentrated for the best of air circulation. This is the most comfort you need for your ride.


It is compliance and surpassing of the DOT Safety Standards is a sure factor for reliability. It meets and exceeds the FMVSS-218 standard rating.

Things I didn't like about the the ILM 8 Colors Motorcycle Modular Flip Up Dual Visor Helmet DOT

  • It is not a real carbon fiber but only design in construction.
Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip up Motorcycle Helmet DOT

Editors Rating

You can't afford to pass and ignore the catchy look of this model. You will also find its features irresistible. This modular helmet not only outclasses the regular below the mark brands but also moves fast in ensuring you maximum satisfaction. You will be thrilled with no regrets when it comes to the Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip up Motorcycle Helmet DOT.

Features of this Helmet

  • Modern tech savvy design
  • Great visual 360-degree glance
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Durable design

Things That I Like in the Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip up Motorcycle Helmet DOT


It is a DOT approved model to ensure your maximum safety; you don't need to wear it doubting whether it is one of the common low-quality regular models all over the market out there. It Meets and Exceeds DOT Requirements (FMVSS.218).

Tech Savvy

Never bother how to take your call at high speed, this Full Face Motorcycle Helmet gets you sorted out big time. With its Bluetooth technology, sold separately, take calls at your comfort, while concentrating best on your ride. This is a safety at its best.

Functional Versatility

It comes with an easy to operate one push button flip-up and an EPS impact absorption internal liner. This makes it easy to remove your helmet for that quick reaction or need. Cushion you further in case of that shock moment.

Comfort And Ventilation

Expect high level of air circulation courtesy of its air vents dedicated to ensure you breathe fresh all the way. You need to stay healthy. Remove it very easily and go about washing its interior without a hustle.

The inner liner is designed to absorb your sweat, so don't bother that you might be water all over your head. Your riding should remain an unforgettable regular experience.

Other Aspects

It has eagle-like eye vents durable and functional like no other. It is one incredible body construction reinforced with fiber and ABS thermal plastic composite shell plus an EPS impact foam.

Things I didn't like about the the Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip up Motorcycle Helmet DOT

  • It doesn't carry much of the motion from side to side when twisted while on.
Modular Dual Visor Snowmobile Helmet w/ Electric Heated Shield - White

Editors Rating

Nothing excites you like a helmet that takes perfection to a whole new level. It is as if it was meant to exhibit elegance and great functionality like no other. Meet this safe and easy to use modular helmet for the funkiest of your riding adventures. You can't wait to put your money where your mouth is.

Features of this Helmet

  • Certified for safety
  • Amazing functionality
  • Outstanding body construction
  • Easy to wear and remove

Things That I Like in the Modular Dual Visor Snowmobile Helmet w/ Electric Heated Shield

This is what catches you most about this attractive, valuable helmet


It is a DOT standard (FMVSS218) approved helmet, tried and tested for your safety assurance.

Visual Perfection

You can easily retract your tinted sun visor for great visibility; nobody likes visual destructions while riding. concentration is key. It has a double pane shield with anti-fog coating, for your adverse weather conditions.

Weight And Ventilation

It is one great lightweight material made from sculpted aerodynamic ABS shell that brings you a sleek and lightweight design. With its front flow opening and closing capability, you are to stay ahead of the pack with top-notch ventilation for the best breathing, irrespective of your speed.

Other Features

It easy to adjust its chin strap and breath box. Find easy and fun removing it or wearing it. Worry less how you will store it after use to ensure good maintenance and durability, because it comes with its drawstring fabric carrying bag. Quality has never been so confusing to go for when it comes to this model.

Things I didn't like about the Modular Dual Visor Snowmobile Helmet w/ Electric Heated Shield

  • It is only commonly available in Gloss Black and Matte Black color.
Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet & Goggle Combo - Matte Black , Black

Editors Rating

If you are that rider always apt for great functionality in a helmet and longevity is your focus. Then the Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet & Goggle Combo is exactly meant for you.Nothing compares too to all weather survival maneuver of this helmet to help you stay on top of riders.

Features of this Helmet

  • Easy to wash and use
  • Strong but light body construction
  • Approved for maximum safety
  • High visual ability

Things That I Like in the Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet & Goggle Combo

Some things can go a long way in making this helmet outclassing all through.


With an adjustable breath box, you can easily remove and machinewash its liner, after that much sweat. It comes with goggles for those bright sun rays.


The goggles come with a triple layer foam, strong and flexible polyurethane frame, a double lens with anti-fog coating, silicon ribbed strap and installed rose colored lens.


Never worry about its storage since you will get a zipped hard case to store the helmet when you need it resting in a safe spot.

Safety Standards

It is DOT certified meaning your safety is tested and approved to be of required sustainability. It goes beyond DOT (FMVSS 218) standard. It has well-designed vents for great air circulation.

The inner liner is comfortable to the skin plus its adjustable breath box. It is light in weight too. This is one product that has taken user friendliness to another level.

Things I didn't like about the the Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet & Goggle Combo

  • It doesn't come with Bluetooth technology
Snowmobile Helmet Adult Full Face Dual Lens Anti Fog Blue, XX-Large

Editors Rating

If you are worried whether you will get your head size when it comes to this helmet, it caters for all commonly global head size standards. Achieve high safety requirements for that most planned riding escapade. You can't wait to be awed by its features too.

Features of this Helmet

  • Has high safety standards
  • Great ventilation
  • User convenient
  • Comfortable to wear

Things That I Like in the Snowmobile Helmet Adult Full Face Dual Lens Anti-Fog Blue


You want a helmet that meets safety tastes; this is what this model is all about. It is DOT certified, and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218) approved. Never worry anymore whether you are going for a regular a brand. Never with this model.


It features an inner liner easily removable and washable for maximum hygiene and freshness. It is soft too and long lasting material.

Material Design And Durability

The inner shell is high-density EPS energy. The dual lens shield is coated with an anti-fog inner lens, hard for outer layer lens and able to resist scratching.


The unique helmet features a front flowing shield for maximized air inflow and out flow. It brings you too an adjustable breath box and a chin skirt for easy, convenient adjustment. You need to stay breathing great for a little bit of more riding fun. A helmet that compliments this is nothing short of your expectations. This is what this helmet is all about.

Other Features

You don't have to be hanging your helmet on your motorbike when taking a break. Its fabric helmet bag helps you store is safely and maintain well to last long.

Things I didn't like about the Snowmobile Helmet Adult Full Face Dual Lens Anti-Fog Blue

  • A little bit noisy but not that much, as the visor leaks in some air.
Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet - Matte Black

Editors Rating

This modular helmet caught my attention among these top models, making my choice making more of hard to crack. It is quality and convenient for the best comfort you always want for your head.

Features of this Helmet

  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Certified for safety requirements
  • Available in major head circumferences
  • Comfortable

Things That I Like in the Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet

This stood out as the helmet most worthy an investment in this product, among these unmatchable models.

User Convenience

The helmet comes with and breathe adjustable box that you can easily remove and go about liner washing. Cleaning of your helmet should never be a bustle but help you achieve great hygiene.


Breathe big time inside this helmet thanks to multiple vents running along the back of this uniquely intelligently design.


It is DOT certified standard (FMVSS 218), this means your safety is way above the mark. One of the reasons why this modular helmet commands high-quality compliance standards.

Other Aspects

It comes in variant head sizes and circumferences for you. Never doubt whether you will get what exactly fits you.

Things I didn't like about the Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet

  • It takes time to achieve great careful cleaning.
Snowmobile Helmet w/ Electric Heated Shield Full Face Red

Editors Rating

Those who remain riding enthusiasts agree on a helmet a lot when it comes to speeding. The more suiting it is to your lifestyle is a plus. The Snowmobile Helmet w/ Electric Heated Shield Full Face Red has this perfectly for you.

Features of this Helmet

  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Suitable for harsh weather conditions
  • Safety compliant
  • Has great air circulation

Things That I Like in the Snowmobile Helmet w/ Electric Heated Shield Full Face Red

A great helmet is complimented by great features; this elevates it to the top.

Certification To Safety Standards

It meets DOT Standards, proved and lab tested to ensure your riding is not taken for granted.

Body Design

It comes with a heated electric shield body and a high-density EPS energy absorbing inner shell for durability and maximum safety. The liner is a durable material.

Use And Ventilation

Easily remove and wash the comfort soft liner hustle free. It comes with open and close functionality in the chin bar system for easy removal and wears. The adjustable breath box and chin skirt ensure you get the most of comfortable breathing when on.

Visibility And Other Aspects

Whether it is summer, winter, sunny, rainy, this is a helmet to see you through the harsh weather effects. The dual lens face shield has an anti-fog coating and scratch resistance for longer quality service. It has a fabric helmet bag for storage purposes. It comes in all head sizes too.

Things I didn't like about the the Snowmobile Helmet w/ Electric Heated Shield Full Face Red

  • The visor isn't tinted
Snowmobile Mens Womens Helmet Adult Full Face Dual Lens Snow Pink

Editors Rating

I call it the gender sensitive modular helmet, carefully designed for high performance and efficiency. If you are keen on comfort and that stylish outlook, you got it in this model.

Features of this Helmet

  • Suitable for both genders
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Safety approved
  • Good for harsh weather effects

Things That I Like in the Snowmobile Mens Womens Helmet Adult Full Face Dual Lens Snow Pink

These aspects stand out for the value of your investment for this model.


It complies with the Department of Transportation (DOT) safety standards and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 (FMVSS 218). Your safety is at the peak. Worry less and go for all you need in your ride.


It is made of high density EPS energy and an absorbing inner shell for the best performance. It has a fully washable and removable comfort liner for longevity. This is value for you hard cash.

Glancing Aspects

Expect to see through the dual lens face shield with anti-fog coating inner lens and hard coating that is complimented by anti-scratch capability. Your visual shouldn't be fast destructed overtime, once you have bought this helmet, any soon.

Air Circulation And Other Features

It comes with a front shield and helmet ventilation system for great breathing expectations too. It has a helmet bag for storage needs.

Things I didn't like about the Snowmobile Mens Womens Helmet Adult Full Face Dual Lens Snow Pink

  • Cleaning it can be time-consuming manually
HJC CS-R2SN Flame Block Full Face Snow Helmet Framed Dual Lens Shield

Editors Rating

Nothing will excite riders, sharp when it comes to helmet that have quality material engineering design. Ventilation has been perfected to ensure it is a breeze always to anticipate for every use.

Features of this Helmet

  • Superior quality design
  • Top air circulation
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear

Things That I Like in the Snowmobile Mens Womens Helmet Adult Full Face Dual Lens Snow Pink


The shell is made of polycarbonate composite shell that is light in weight, great fit and comfort using CAD technology.


Embraces advanced channeling ventilation systems, movable forehead and chin vents plus rear exhaust vents for full front to back airflow. This will minimize heat on your head and control humidity up and about.

Visual Technology

The shield is framed snow with a dual lens or electric options. The electric shield has a power cord connectable to your engine AC OR DC at 13.6 V, for advanced clarity.

Extra Features

Quick to remove and wear thanks to rapid shield and replacement system, especially during urgency moments.

Things I didn't like about the Snowmobile Mens Womens Helmet Adult Full Face Dual Lens Snow Pink

  • Visor not electric powered
Youth Kids Full Face Snowmobile Snow Helmet Black

Editors Rating

The young have a reason to smile too. Their ride is perfectly taken into account with this amazing helmet.

Features of this Helmet

  • Safety certified
  • Available in many common head sizes
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Comfortable

Things That I Like in the Snowmobile Helmet w/ Electric Heated Shield Full Face Red

Benefits of these features are incredible too. Your riding should never be the same.

Safety Standards

It is DOT standard (FMVSS 218) compliant for your maximum safety. This means it is tested for the road to satisfaction.

Visual Aspects

It comes in an anti-fog shield for harsh weather impacts. It has a standard dual lens for the cold weather.


It is perfectly for the youth head sizes and small, weighing 3lbs. This ensures more comfort for the youth while cruising through the breezing-fast air.

Ventilation And Other Features

It is easy to breathe around while on it thanks to top well-designed intake, exhaust and channel vents for the most of air flow. The liner too is easily removable and washable.

Things I didn't like about the Snowmobile Helmet w/ Electric Heated Shield Full Face Red

  • Too good but available only in youth head sizes
XFMT DOT Adult Carbon Fiber Flip Up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet XL

Editors Rating

My last but not least is the XFMT DOT Adult Carbon Fiber Flip Up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet XL. For those fanatics of classy and out of this world outlook in helmets, you are sorted. Expect to turn necks as you dash through your main or off road while on this top stylish modular helmet.

Features of this Helmet

  • Stylish look and design
  • Comfortable to wear and remove
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to store

Things That I Like in the XFMT DOT Adult Carbon Fiber Flip Up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet XL

Material Design

We love products that last long and serve us better. The XFMT DOT Adult Carbon Fiber Flip Up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet XL is made of a durable composite shell.


Great visibility is everything for a safe ride; it features a beautifully designed glossy UV protective finish, to protect you from those direct sun rays that may distract you.


You don't want a heavy helmet, you got enough to handle during your ride, it is light in weight thanks to the composite shell material.

Other Aspects

It comes with a helmet bag, so you ensure top maintenance and storage needs of your modular helmet. Ease of use has never got any better with this model. It's an all-purpose helmet whether it is your winter or summer. It handles it all.The interior is heavy cushioned too for your safety and comfort. Lastly, it is easy to wear, remove and wash. You can never go wrong with this model.

Things I didn't like about the XFMT DOT Adult Carbon Fiber Flip Up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet XL

  • It takes time to achieve the best cleaning

How To Use The Best Modular Helmet

The best performance can be gained from a helmet that is well maintained, clean it with a soft non-greasy cloth and detergents not harsh to body structure. Never rest your helmet on the motorcycle, this could subject it to possible fall and ensure you store it well for long time use.

The 5 Factors That Matter When Choosing the Best Modular Helmet

Motorcycle modular helmets are designed in various shapes and sizes. To ensure your safety during those very critical fractions of a second, you need the modular helmet with the most of it. Modular helmets strike between the full faced helmets and open helmets when it comes to features. They have a chin bar to absorb that impromptu shock impact and allow most visibility to your face. They have quality material for dual visors plus great ventilation for your optimized comfort.

Believe it not, you don't need to unfasten this helmet just to grab your drink or munch your meat pie during your ride or take a break, the chin strap can stay put, as you chill out.Sampling from the many out there can be one hell of a tiresome crazy job. If you have no idea what to invest in for you cash, that is another rock and hard position.

You deserve better. You need to get that quality, durable, safe and an intelligently engineered modular helmet at the shortest time! That can be fun. This strategically well researched and informative review takes you through the factors that matter when choosing the best modular helmet.


Safety is why in the first place you are looking for a quality modular helmet. All you want is the best helmet that has most of these aspects taken into account with the latest technological design. Your modular helmet should have a latching mechanism or fast action latches. This helps you, in case of that unexpected crush.

Rescuing you becomes more convenient and quick, especially in removing the helmet from your head with much ease. Imagine wearing a helmet that hasn't been run on top class industry safety tests and approved by relevant authorities. That is the last thing worth your money. You don't know whether it is certified for your maximum safety.

Check out whether your helmet has high approval score rating. DOT branded helmets mean they have been approved by the department of transport, for US manufactured models. ECE implies European approved models.


You are cruising at the highest speed per a minute and all you can hear disturbing fast noise through your helmet. This means you can't hear a fast passerby or any approaching distraction. Riding enthusiasts know, any second of interference on your concentration could cost you a life or earn you a fatal injury. Ensure your modular helmet, on test wearing, has a high ability to contain wind noise when riding.

Weather Compliance

The foggy weather doesn't need to mess up your helmet visibility. Ensure your helmet comes with anti-fog technology to resist fogging on your helmet for maximum vision. You don't need to be riding at high speed, in a microsecond, fog destructs you from your clear view, the next thing you find yourself in a crush. This compliments your safety.


The helmet should not be heavy on your head but provide extra comfort. Nobody wants a helmet, while on feeling like, you are carrying a bunch of stuff on your head. This could cause distraction and that uneasiness we last need on our anticipated ride.

A helmet well designed with a balanced standing will prove great for your riding. Some helmets are designed with polycarbonate or thermoplastic materials to remain light for your head during your adventurous ride. Too heavy is a no go zone when it comes to a quality helmet.


When it is hot, does your helmet leave you sweating and feeling like you are suffocating from excessive temperature? Then that is not healthy and safe for you. Go for helmets with intelligently designed front parts, with perforations to allow regulation of air inflow and outflow.

This will keep you breathing fresh and relaxed at even high speeds. Nothing invigorates the crave for an incredible fun-out ride like when comfort is part of the experience. The helmet with exhausts above it and under the chin should be plus for the modular helmet.

Fitness, Size And Other Features

You don't want to wear an oversized helmet or one that is squeezing too much your skin. For the worst, this too much pressure on your head can result in dizziness, unnecessary headaches, and even fatigue. A helmet should never cause you sick. Remember, it is supposed to be that exciting motorcycling ride,that will want you to ride every other convenient time.

Be keen to avoid this because your helmet could also either comes off too easily or suffocate you with much heat, sweating and leave you uncomfortable. Take your time and try out the helmet on your head, make sure it strikes a balance between the two aspects and it fits you well for quite some minutes.

Final Words

Any of these top class modular helmets outmatched the regular brands in my research. If you get any that suits your lifestyle, your riding experience could be headed for a shift for the better, and they will serve you with a great performance.

Willim Jacob

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[…] you love speed on your motorbike as I do, you also need an aerodynamic Modular Helmet to reduce drag or air friction. TheTORK T55.2 helmet is oval in shape that means you cut through […]

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[…] It is great to own a Bluetooth motorcycle Open Face helmet that has removable and washable parts to make cleaning an easy task. The cleaning makes the helmet every clean and easy to maintain. The ventilation system is also super great to ensure that you get to breathe in fresh air and also to ensure that you don't get to have difficulties in breathing when wearing the Modular helmet. […]

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[…] helmet comes with a couple of things. You will have the Modular Helmet bag, goggles and a pair of gloves. This will be a big saver for you if you were considering buying […]

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[…] uncommon feature of the Xelement FX Gun Metal Modular Helmet is that while wearing your gloves, you can still flip the shield with zero percent difficulties. […]

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[…] have the capacity to secure your head, and may harm your head when you fall. Consistently pick the Modular Helmet that fits on your head […]

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[…] effect engrossing liner that ingests hard results when anything hits the Modular Helmet. Contingent on the solace of the helmets there are a few sorts of helmets available in the business […]

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[…] The Classic Commuter Helmet keeps you comfortable while you wear it, the air vents keep the sweat away, which also does not allow any bacteria to grow inside the Modular Helmet. […]

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[…] the helmet look in detail at the comfort features of the helmets. Depending upon the comfort of the Modular Helmets there are several kinds of helmets accessible in the markets. The full-face helmets cover the whole […]

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[…] it comes to the interior of the Modular Helmets, the manufactures made it sure that you can remove the pads and wash them. That is not all. The […]


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