Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Best Open Face Helmet– Guide And Review

When it comes to your safety when you are riding a motorcycle, we cannot debate on getting a Best Motorcycle Helmet because it is a must have riding tool. Accidents can happen anytime, so if you are well protected, you might end up evading many head injuries. Head injuries are the major cause of deaths to many motorists.

According to a report by the National Traffic Safety Administration, riders are three times less exposed to these injuries when they ride having their helmets on. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that you get the best helmet that will keep your head protected in case of occurrence of accidents.


There are different types of helmets that are available on the market ranging from full face helmets, open face helmets, half helmets and flip-up helmets. Why are open face helmets popular among many riders? Let us find out more information about open face helmets and why you need to get one for yourself.

As we know, full face motor cycle helmets provide the best protection. Why then would a motorist opt to buy an open face motorcycle helmet? Well, there are so many benefits that come with open face helmets. Some of them include the following.

  • They provide the best visibility when you are on the road
  • Allow you to breathe well
  • They are comfortable
  • Reduce chances of getting involved in accidents

The Ultimate 8 List of The Best Open Face Helmet

Browsing from one site to the other looking for a perfect open face helmet can be troublesome, and you might end up being confused with the multitude of products that are available online.

I do not want you to experience a hard time looking for an ideal Motorcycle Half Helmet. After putting the above factors into consideration and other factors, I have come up with a top list of the best open face motorcycle helmets that you can find on the market today.

These are quality products that have been tested, and they provide an improved level of comfort. You can check their reviews below and hopefully, you will find a product that meets your needs.

Skull Crush Open Face 3/4 Helmet

Editors Rating

Now that you have invested your money getting the recent model of motorcycle, you should also pay attention to getting the best open face motorcycle helmet. Apart from giving you a cool appearance and providing you with safety open face helmets allow you to enjoy the beautiful sceneries as you ride across the country.

The Skull Crush Open Face helmet is an incredible premium quality helmet designed with quality materials and offers you with a high level of comfort. It has a unique exterior where you can paint it for your customized appearance. You can also choose to leave it as it is if you want to maintain it clean.

Features of this Skull Crush Open Face 3/4 Helmet

  • It is DOT certified
  • It has removable cheek pads
  • Features industrial grade rivets
  • Designed with steel D-rings

Things That I Like in Skull Crush Open Face 3/4 Helmet

Heavy Gauge Nylon Straps

The straps on the Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet are very important because they ensure you achieve a perfect fit. Even when you are riding at high speed, the straps will hold the helmet in place hence giving you with a nice experience. The helmet is designed with heavy duty nylon straps that are not only durable but also perfectly attached to the industrial grade rivets.

Universal Spaced Button Snaps

The front part of this helmet features a spaced button snaps that can accommodate any visor or face shield of your preference. With the right visor attached, you can keep your face protected from wind, dust, and other obstacles when you are riding.

Diamond Stitched Interior

I love the comfort provided by the Open Face helmet when you are wearing it on the road. It features a lightweight design so you will not feel the weight of the helmet. The interior is also comfortable and very soft.

Removable Cheek pads

If you want to achieve a perfect fit, you can remove the cheek pads on the helmet. This will provide you with a custom fit so that you can feel comfortable all the time when you are using this awesome helmet.

Things I didn't like about the Skull Crush Open Face 3/4 Helmet

  • The helmet is cool but hurts your ears when you are removing it
Fuel Helmets SH-OF0015 O5 Series Open Face Helmet

Editors Rating

Open face helmets come in different styles, and they all offer different levels of protection. If you are looking for a standard and good looking helmet that will provide you with additional safety as compared to other models, the Fuel Helmets SH-OF0015 is a perfect choice for you.

This is a perfectly crafted helmet that is designed to help you enjoy your ride without bothering you in any way. It is also designed to suit all the needs of all riders.

Features of this Fuel Helmets SH-OF0015 O5 Series Open Face Helmet

  • Comes with a scratch resistant bag
  • UV clear coated paint
  • DOT FMVSS N218 approved
  • Available in different sizes

Things That I Like in Fuel Helmets SH-OF0015 O5 Series Open Face Helmet

Front Intake Vents

Taking a ride during summer can be fun. However, if you make the wrong selection of a Modular Helmet with a poor design, you might not enjoy the ride. This is why this model is designed with enough vents to ensure that there is effective air circulation to keep you cool all the time when you are on the road.

Chin Straps and D-Ring Closure

Riding should be comfortable if you want to enjoy the whole outdoor experience. For you to enjoy the ride, the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet features easy to use chain straps that provide maximum comfort. The straps are easy to snap such that you will not end up being bothered by the excess length.

Additionally, the D-Ring closure allows you to make adjustments to the chin straps to provide you with the best fit all the time.

Lightweight Shell

Nobody loves having a helmet that adds more weight to your head because of the level of discomfort. As for me, the first thing that I look at when buying any helmet is the weight. That is why I'm impressed with this model because of its lightweight shell construction. You will hardly feel the weight of this helmet when you are riding because it is lighter than other helmets available.

Removable Visor

The visor is also another important part of the helmet that adds more protection for your face. This visor is removable especially for cleaning and adjustment purposes.

Things I didn't like about the Fuel Helmets SH-OF0015 O5 Series Open Face Helmet

  • Complaints of the helmet being too thin
  • Some customers complain of cheap strap snap
Open Face Motorcycle Helmets Scooter Helmets Flip up Helmets with Shield Matt Black

Editors Rating

I love full faced motorcycle helmets, but I also carry my open face helmet with me. There are some places that are just too beautiful to ignore, so you just need to see the beautiful views when you are riding.

When I was buying my first open face helmet, I had a lot of problems selecting the right one, but the Open Face Motorcycle Helmets was a savior. This is a helmet that I have used for many years now, and it still promises to provide the best.

For those people who want to keep themselves protected on the road while still enjoying their ride, this is the right product to go for.

Features of this Open Face Motorcycle Helmets Scooter Helmets Flip up Helmets

  • Made with a matt black color
  • Built-in twin shield system
  • DOT approved
  • Clear windshield
  • Anti-scratch technology

Things That I Like in Open Face Motorcycle Helmets Scooter Helmets Flip up Helmets

Wide Field of Visibility

There is nothing boring like having a Modular Snowmobile Helmet that limits you with the field of vision. You want to enjoy every scenery when you are on the road, and this is something that I appreciate about this helmet. It features ¾ open face design shell for maximum protection as well as providing you with a wide field of view.

Air and Light Control

With this incredible product, it is easy to control the amount of light and air that you want with just a press of a button, thanks to the built-in twin shield system. You just need to determine how much light or air you need depending on the current environmental condition.

Lightweight Design

As compared to other types of Dirt Bike Helmets on the market, you will find this model pretty light. It is designed with a quality material yet lightweight so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride when you are on the road all the time.

Secure Fit

When it comes to safety, the helmet is DOT approved for US standard. Additionally, it features a quick release buckle that provides you with a perfect fit on your head. You won't experience any discomfort when wearing the helmet.

Things I didn't like about the Open Face Motorcycle Helmets Scooter Helmets Flip up Helmets

  • Complaints on quality issues and cracking on top when exposed to the sun
TORC T50 Route

Editors Rating

Do you need an incredible Full Face Motorcycle Helmet that will help you see the surrounding while riding without taking it off? Then the TORC T50 is a perfect product for you. It is ultra slim and features a nice open face design to provide you with a larger field of view.

There are many things that you will enjoy when you have this helmet with you on the road. It is comfortable, so you do not have to spend much time adjusting it to fit you but rather concentrate on your ride.

Features of this TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet

  • DOT approved
  • Two outer shell sizes
  • Open face design
  • Classic and super slim

Things That I Like in TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet


Who doesn't love having lightweight headgear while on the road? We all do, don't you? As a rider, comfort is an important aspect of your ride. You do not want to struggle with a heavy helmet on your head when you are riding. Therefore, this product has been made with quality and lightweight materials to ensure that you get maximum comfort throughout your ride.

Interior Padding

There is an ultra suede inner comfort padding on the inside of the helmet that keeps your head very comfortable all the time. The padding is soft hence allowing you to enjoy a nice experience when you are on the go.

Removable Sun Visor

At times you will need to use the sun visor when it is too bright so that you can get a nice vision. For some people, they prefer using their helmet without a visor. This model gives you both options where you can choose do remove it if that is what you like.

Removable Washable Cheek Pads

People feature different head shapes and sizes. The most important thing that you should do is getting a helmet that provides you with a perfect fit. You can choose to remove the cheek pads so that you can get the right fitting. Additionally, the pads allow you to clean them when they are dirty so that you can always feel fresh when you have your helmet on.

Things I didn't like about the TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet

  • The helmet is nice but not very comfortable
Speed and Strength Nixon Replica Open Face SS600 Motorcycle Helmet

Editors Rating

The Speed and Strength is another type of open face helmet that lets you look at your best when on the road while still providing you with the best head protection. I have had an experience with quite some open face helmets, but there are a thousand reasons why I love this model.

The helmet comes from an established company that does the best when it comes to motorcycle apparels. If you are an avid rider, you should consider purchasing this incredible open face helmet.

Features of this Speed and Strength Nixon Replica Open Face SS600 Motorcycle Helmet

  • The helmet is DOT certified
  • Designed with a thermal plastic alloy shell
  • Has Double D-Ring retention system
  • Direct course ventilation system

Things That I Like in Speed and Strength Nixon Replica Open Face SS600 Motorcycle Helmet


The comfort level provided by this helmet is hard to find in most models. The company has ensured that riders enjoy their rides in the most comfortable way by keeping the interior of the helmet perfectly padded. It has a quilted comfort lining on the inside to ensure your head feels comfortable.

Superior Ventilation

You do not want to sweat a lot when you are riding especially on sunny days. For that matter, the helmet has enough ventilation that provides a free flow of air all the time when you are riding. This keeps your head cool, and you can ride over long distances without experiencing any form of discomfort.

Quality Construction

When you are in the market buying a helmet, you not only need a product that provides you with protection but one that also ensures you get value for your money. I love the durable construction of this helmet because this is an assurance that the product will last for several years to come.


This helmet comes in different sizes to suit the different head sizes of riders. Whether you want a small, medium or large size, you can get almost any size that suits you best.

Things I didn't like about the Speed and Strength Nixon Replica Open Face SS600 Motorcycle Helmet

  • The helmet is great but not perfect for people with big round shaped heads.
HCI Fiberglass Gloss Black Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Editors Rating

Equipping yourself with the right headgear is important for any ride. Nobody knows what is likely to happen on the roads, and that's why you should be well protected to avoid getting any head injuries as a result of accidents.

Introducing the HCI Fiberglass Gloss Black Open Face Motorcycle Helmet, this is another top quality open face helmet that is available at very affordable prices. I love the stylish look and great design of the helmet that allows you to look on point when on the road without compromising your safety.

Features of this HCI Fiberglass Gloss Black Open Face Motorcycle Helmet w/ Face Shield 15-630

  • High-quality paint
  • Designed with a fiberglass shell
  • DOT approved
  • Has face shield

Things That I Like in HCI Fiberglass Gloss Black Open Face Motorcycle Helmet w/ Face Shield 15-630

Adjustable Top Vents

Effective circulation of air is important when you have a helmet on your head. As a result of sweating, your head might end up feeling too hot inside the helmet. This is the primary reason this model comes with vents to allow free flow of air. Additionally, the vents are adjustable to suit your needs.

Quality Construction

Durability is an important aspect you should check when buying a helmet. After all, you do not want to end up with a product that breaks with ease. This model is designed with a high-quality fiberglass shell that allows you to enjoy many years of great services from this helmet.

Face Shield

Several things can distract you when you are on the road such as too much wind and dust. The helmet comes with a face shield, so you will enjoy riding even at high speeds without any interruptions.

High-Quality Paint

The paint quality of the helmet is awesome. It gives it an attractive look when you are wearing. Even after using this helmet for several years, you do not expect it the paint to peel off because it is top notch.

Things I didn't like about the HCI Fiberglass Gloss Black Open Face Motorcycle Helmet w/ Face Shield 15-630

  • The ear buds of this helmet are not removable.
  • Some customers complain of the face mask being flimsy.
Nutcase - Motorcycle Scooter Helmet, Fits Your Head, Suits Your Soul

Editors Rating

Whether you are a rider or a scooter, having the best helmet is among your priorities. With the Nutcase - Motorcycle/Scooter Helmet, you can enjoy a comfortable outdoor experience having in mind that you are well protected.

Not only is this product designed to provide you with safety while you are on the road, but it also gives you the best look hence making you look stylish. This open face helmet features vintage graphics and other modern features, so you will always look on point.

Features of this Nutcase - Motorcycle/Scooter Helmet

  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Easy off technology
  • UV protected shield
  • Durable shell

Things That I Like in Nutcase - Motorcycle/Scooter Helmet

Two Front Intake Vents

You can travel to places over long distances if your helmet allows free flow of air. This means that your rides will be cool more so if you are riding on a hot sunny day. The two vents on the helmet allow the air to get inside to keep you as cool as possible.


Comfort and style are two important things that you will enjoy when you have this helmet. With its deluxe soft neck roll, you feel so comfortable making your rides the most enjoyable. The comfort is also enhanced by the vents that continuously ensure there is a free flow of air.

Anti-Scratch UV Protected Shield

A visor is an important part of a helmet. This is something that I pay attention to when buying any helmet. For this model, it has a clear anti-scratch visor that is resistant to scratch. This visor is also UV protected.


The overall construction of the helmet is impressive. It has a durable shell to offer you with a long lasting use. This makes it a perfect product for commuting daily because it is highly durable.

Secure Fit

When you are on the road, the last thing that you want to do is spending time adjusting the helmet so that it can fit you. Not only can this make your rides boring but you will also feel very uncomfortable. To prevent that from happening, the helmet comes with a quick release buckle that provides you with a secure fit.

Things I didn't like about the Nutcase - Motorcycle/Scooter Helmet

  • Many people say that the helmet is small
ILM Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Quick Release Skid Lid Skull Cap Half Helmet DOT Matte Black (L)

Editors Rating

Lastly, the ILM Open Face Motorcycle Helmet is another top quality open face helmet currently available on the market. Riders who want to keep themselves well protected at the same time looking stylish can try this product.

The helmet provides you with superior comfort levels at a very pocket-friendly price. It also gives you a nice fit so that you can enjoy your ride to a maximum.

Features of this ILM Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Quick Release Skid Lid Skull Cap Half Helmet DOT

  • DOT FMVSS N218 Approved
  • Quality ABS shell
  • Flat black design
  • Premium venting

Things That I Like in ILM Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Quick Release Skid Lid Skull Cap Half Helmet DOT

Unique Design

Looking different from other riders is important. For you to shine on the road, you can get this helmet with a stylish design and very comfortable. The helmet also features a durable shell, so you expect to use it for several more years to come.

Favorable Price

You do not have to spend a lot of money buying the best open face helmet. If you want to get a quality product without breaking your bank, this is the right product costing less than 50 bucks and provides you with many benefits for its price.

Secure Fit

The helmet is designed with a chin strap that allows you to make the right adjustments so that you can get a secure or customized fit. This ensures that you remain comfortable throughout your entire ride.

Things I didn't like about the ILM Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Quick Release Skid Lid Skull Cap Half Helmet DOT

  • It is designed with a plastic chain strap that can easily break with time.

How To Use An Open Face Helmet

Instructions on using your helmet are straightforward and most manufacturers have included them in the manual. You also need to know some important maintenance and care tips that will help you keep your helmet in the right condition. Some of them include:

  • When cleaning your helmet, use a soft scratch free towel.
  • Always air dry your helmet.
  • Keep the moving parts of your helmet well lubricated.
  • Wear a liner to keep the inner parts protected from sweat.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Open Face Helmet

If you want to enjoy using any open face motorcycle helmet that you buy, you need to be very cautious when you are making your purchase. The helmets come with varying features, so you need to select the most suitable product that will suit your needs.

In this guide, I'm providing you with important details that you should consider when buying the best open face motorcycle helmet. If you pay attention to these points, you will get an upper hand of buying the best helmet.

Level of Noise

As compared to other types of Giro Helmets on the market, open face helmets are a little noisier. However, this doesn't mean that all the models are the same. You can still land on a good helmet that is quiet. You do not want to have a helmet with a noise level exceeding 115dB because it will keep you uncomfortable. If you invest your money and look for a helmet with noise level not exceeding 85dB, you can be sure of an interesting ride.


Does the helmet come with a built in visor? You should always go for a helmet that comes with a built in visor. The type of visor you select will highly depend on your personal preference. There are those people who opt to go for half visor that covers the eyes while others might want to have a model with a full visor that covers the entire face. Depending on what you find best for you, you can always make a smart choice.

Style and Design

Another important thing that you need to determine when you are buying an open face helmet is your personal style. Always look for the best helmet that will suit your needs well. Concentrate on the aesthetics of the helmet, and choose one that matches your style.


Safety should always close your mind when you are looking for the best open face helmet. It's not a matter of enjoying the lightweight and the good vision that is provided by these helmets. You also want to feel very comfortable when you are wearing the helmet. Therefore, you should select a model that features thicker padding for comfort.

Additionally, you should concentrate on the shell of the Bell Helmet. Look for helmets which have been approved by safety standards to be on the right track. For instance, helmets with markings such as DOT and ECE are allowed on the market because of their safety.


When you are wearing a Nutcase Bike Helmet, you need to feel very comfortable for the most enjoyable ride. Open face motorcycle helmets come in different sizes to fit different people. Look for a model that fits your head well such that it is neither too big nor too small. By doing this, you will feel comfortable all the time when you are on your motorbike.


You also want to consider your budget when you are buying the best open face motorcycle helmet. Different companies provide their helmets at varying price ranges. What you need to know is that, a higher price doesn't necessary mean the best helmet. In fact, you will be surprised to find many affordable open face helmets that provide the best protection and comfort than other high-end models.

Final Verdict

Your safety should always come first whenever you are on the road on your motorbike. Investing your money purchasing the best headgear is an effective way of keeping you safe on the road. For enjoyable outdoor experiences, you can get any of these reviewed open face motorcycle helmets, and you will love it.

The products we have covered above are of top quality, and highly rated on the market today. Depending on the features, style and price of the helmet, you can get the most recommendable product that will suit your needs. With any of these helmets, you can enjoy riding on a hot climate or in places where you want to get the best view of the surrounding.

Willim Jacob

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