How To Choose kid’s Helmet

Imagine your kid coming home oozing blood on his forehead and crying. He has bruises all over. Turns out, all of you were excited about buying him that bike or skate that he wanted. But you forgot the most important things that would have prevented this situation from happening. And that is a helmet.

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A helmet could have lowered the risk of injuries and even the chances of your kid getting bruises. But I want to solve one problem for you. I want to show the nitty gritty detail that you need to pay attention when selecting a kids' bike helmet. When you are the store with your little toddler, pay attention to this 8 factors.

Safety Measures

Every kid that has a scooter, bike or skateboard, it is a requirement by law, that they wear a helmet. If you live in the States, the law requires every parent to buy a helmet alongside a bike or a scooter. Because of that, helmets must pass different safety standards that show that they are safe.

When you buy a Motorcycle Helmet, look for the sticker that it bears, because that represents safety body that certified it. Some helmets have dual certification such as CPSC, and ASTM. ASTM, is a body that is in charge of making skate helmets for kids. Helmets that have dual certification have been certified for both skate and bike. If your kid has a both a skateboard and bike, getting him a dual helmet would be better.

Helmets that have this sticker are considered safe

  • DOT
  • CPSC
  • ASTM.

Head size and shape

Different companies make helmet of different sizes and shape. What may fit another kid, may not actually be comfortable for your kid. For that reason, you may need to get your kid's head size and then pick the helmet that suits him. A Helmet which is too small or big, will make your kid feel comfortable and they may not give your kid that full protection.

Here is how you measure your kid's head

Take a tape measure and wrap around the largest portion of his head. The tape measure should pass inch above the eyebrows and ears. Then after that select the helmet that fits him or her snugly. When selecting a helmet, you may need to go with your kid to the store so that you can know if it truly fits him or her.

How To Choose kid’s Helmet


After you have measured your kid's head, the problem comes when you have to pick the right Motorcycle Half Helmet. Most parents fail at this stage, because whenever they choose a helmet, two things happen.

The helmet is too big

You may think that this is best option to go with because it will give your kid more room to grow. But you are a wrong. A helmet that wobbles around your kid's head a lot, is probably too big for him.

The helmet is too small

If the Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet sits high on top of your kid's head and leaves a visible line on his skin, then it is too small. For better perfect you may need to choose the right helmet that fits him or her.

Bell Child's Hello Kitty Adventurer Multi-Sport Bike Helmet

Helmet construction

Helmets are constructed differently and knowing what goes into their make, will make you know the safest helmet for your kids. For example, they are two type helmet construction. In-mold and hard shell construction which provides ultimate safety for your kid. Knowing helmet construction is like knowing the gap between the outer shell and the protective foam.

Open Face Helmets with hard shell construction have a thin layer of tape in the midsection of the helmet to cover the rough edge of the plastic shell. Now... when you leave this plastic shell in the heat, they crack. Companies that sell this kind of helmet are Giro, Schwinn, Rascals and Bell. In-mold helmets are usually lighter and tend to be more durable. In-mold Modular Helmets also have more vents to promote air circulation.

Straps and adjustability

To achieve a snug fit, different companies have come up with different chin straps and adjustability features. In your store, you may find that high-end helmet have a dial or self-adjusted systems that allow you to adjust the helmet for a custom fit.

Most helmets in the market have the following types of adjustable features.

  • Standard dial adjusts-this feature is common in high-end helmets.
  • Elastic self-adjust-Companies such as Giro or Bell have this kind of helmets.
  • Lazer's unique self-adjust system

As a parent, you have the option to choose between these three. Before jumping into one and saying that it fits your kid snugly...You may need to insert the thickness of the pad supposed to achieve the snug fit. The chin strap of the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet should not be loose, but it should be elastic enough to allow your kid to open up the mouth. When choosing a strap, go for the one that is easily adjustable

Buckle System

The common reason why kid's dislike helmet, is because of the pinching. The best helmet best buckle that reduces pinching from happening. The good news is that this problem has been solved. Different companies have come up with different design and features of buckles. In the market, you will find that high-end helmets have a magnetic closure buckle, while the other features a plastic guard.

If you are looking to buy helmets that have a magnetic closure buckle, you may need to buy a helmet from Lazer and Nutcase brands. The rest of the brands either use their on latching system or have a standard buckle.


Admit it. It is pretty hot inside the helmet. This can discomfort for your kid and may make them want to remove the helmet right away. When you are in the market, it is vital to choose a helmet that has more vents, if you are living in a warm area.

And fewer events if you live in a cold area. The air channels between the vents increase the cooling effectiveness of the helmets. Bike and skate helmets for kids have different ventilation system. You will find that a skate helmet for kids have less vents and bike helmet have more vents.


Happens to be the most neglected factor when choosing a kid's Dirt Bike Helmet. But the main reason why your kid's helmet needs to have a to protect him or her from the sun's rays. The best helmets in the market have built-in or chip-on visors

Pay attention to the quality and not the price

The most common mistake parents make is to choose the helmet based on the price. Well, the shocking truth is that some of the cheap helmet in the market happens to have the best features. It is because the company wants to sell volumes that is why the price them low. But going for a high-price helmet is isn't a bad choice.

If you are in the market for kids’ Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, I believe these 8 factors will be of great help when choosing the right helmet. Meanwhile, you can look at in our archive to see the kind of helmet that we have single handled reviewed. From there you can choose the best helmet that you think will meet the needs for your parents and kids.

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