Choosing The Right Helmet That Promise Ultimate Superior Safety

I just got off the phone with a grief stricken father who just lost his son. Of course, his loss is devastating. But it only got worse. Turns out his son had not done a deep search for the helmet that could suit him. So when the accident occurred, the helmet came out. Like many first time beginners, the thought of just having any helmet was enough.

Choosing The Right Helmet That Promise Ultimate Superior Safety...

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Even with a Motorcycle Helmet, you would be amazed at how most riders will put fashion at the mercy of safety, when making a purchase. I have seen more accidents and possible deaths that come as a result of choosing the wrong helmet or just not bothering to wear one at all.

My Advice

Dress for the accident and dump the new age thinking of wanting to feel the road. But, fortunately, that doesn't have to happen to you. Because in the next few minutes I want to give you a short guide into choosing a motorcycle helmet. This simple tip has worked for thousands of motorcycle riders and sport stars.

Choosing The Right Helmet That Promise Ultimate Superior Safety

The use of the helmet

The question is why do you need it? What purpose does it serves.If you know what you want the Motorcycle Half Helmet for, then you can know the features that you need and maybe the type of helmet that suits your needs. There are different helmet on the market. They are those that are designed for racing and other for cruising or strolling in the neighborhood.

When you are a beginner, you don't actually need a high-end helmet, because you are just getting to know the way. And maybe you don’t know what you actually need. But if you are in Motorsport racing, you will need a high-end Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet because of the superior safety and comfort.

Features and design capabilities

Here is where you will need to pay more attention, so that you know exactly what you need. I want to show you a few the features that you may put into consideration when you decide to purchase a helmet.

Helmet construction

Hard out shell

Different Open Face Helmets are designed using different material. They include: Fiberglass composite, carbon fiber, polycarbonate and ABS out shell. Each material has different strength. But if you want my suggestion, consider buying a helmet with polycarbonate material.

The inner EPS(Styrofoam) protection lining

A helmet that has EPS liner is considered a safe helmet. The advantage of this material is its ability to absorb and soften the impact of your head inside the helmet.

The adjustable chin strap

The chin strap ensures that you have a snug fit and the helmet remains on your head.


It can be hotter inside the Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, especially during the warm weather and this can get you uncomfortable. Because of this, you will need a helmet that has more vents so that it can emit the toxic gases and heat. Which will make you cool and comfortable.

The visor

Having a better shield is important to your overall safety. A good clear face shield, will protect you from the sun and gives you a good panoramic view of the highway. Unfortunately, some helmet comes with a dark face shield and are unsuitable to use during the night. A helmet that has a good face shield is always anti-fog and protect you from the sun.

Safety measures

Fortunately, there are some Modular Helmet on the market that have not yet met the safety standards. Before buying a helmet, check the sticker that it has. If it has no sticker, then you will be joking with your life when you buy it.In the United States, they are like three safety organization that can give a green light check to any helmet. If you see a sticker from any of this organization, then you can feel confident that it is the right helmet for you.

DOT- Department Of Transport. A helmet that has this sticker, is considered safe because it has been approved by the government.

CPSC- The Consumer Product Safety Commission. This also an independent body that gives the helmet a green light of standard.

Snell- A helmet that bears a Snell thumb of approval is considered to be a helmet of the highest quality. Only few helmets in the market pass the Snell tests and expectation.

ECE22.02- Helmet that bears this sticker are meant to be used in Europe.

Removable liner

For a proper fit and snugness, different helmet will come with a liner. These liners can be removed and washed easily.

Bluetooth technology

You know how hard it is. Listening to your phone beeping and you just want to take that important call right away.Well, but let me tell you. Answering your phone while you are riding can cause accidents. The mind just can't multi-task on two things. For that reason, if you are the kind that can't stop to take a call when riding, then you will need a Bluetooth integrated in your helmet. The Bluetooth technology makes it easy for you to answer phone calls, listen to music and make calls. It is that simple.

Types of helmet

There are different types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet depending on the bike that you are riding. This helmet features different specification depending on the activities that you are involved. But if you ask me, which type of helmet to choose. I will tell you to always go with full face helmets, because it offers the best protection so far.

Adventure tours

If you are always using your bike to have fun or adventure. Or maybe you are riding for fun, then you will need a modular helmet. With a modular helmet, you will be able to raise your face shield and it also gives you the option to raise the entire front of the helmet.

Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet


Let say that you are a casual rider, who doesn't ride motorcycle often, then you will need a half or open face helmet.


If you participate in racing of some kind, then you will need a high-end full face helmet. It will cover, your ears, head and nose. It is meant to provide you with an elite all round superior protection.

How to know your size

Different riders have different head sizes and shape. Because of that, what may fit another person may not be the right for you. The question now is... How do you get the right fit for your helmet? It is simple. The following steps will guide.

First : Wrap the tape measure around the biggest portion of your head. Just above the ear and the eyebrows.

Second : Get the right measurements and look for the helmet that fits your skull. The two processes are just as simple as that.

If you are asking me which type of Dirt Bike Helmet to buy, I would recommend buying a full face helmet. The fashion and designs that are coming up with the name of helmet won't cut through the noises when an accident occurs. When get a head injury, you won't be thinking of design of your helmet, you will be thinking of your head. I believe all these tips have been very informative to you as a buyer and you more tips on what exactly to go for.

Willim Jacob

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