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You need to wear some sort of protection when you ride your cycles, bikes or skateboards. There are many kinds of best motorcycle helmet accessible in the markets. You need to pick the one that better suits your needs and requirements. The compact bike and skateboard helmets are ideal for every situation.

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet Guide And Review

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The Classic Commuter helmet is a great helmet that will protect your face and head region while you fall or experience a hard impact. You can buy the Classic Commuter helmet from a nearby gear shop. Some of the distinct features of the helmet are as follows:


Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet is a one of the best in our motorcycle Helmet and helmet List.

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet
  • CPSC is the regulatory body of the laws and standards of certain products that are traded throughout the US. The Consumer Product Safety Commission marks the safety and protectability of the helmets that are used while you are riding the bike or skating or taking part in in any extreme sport. The Classic Commuter Helmet is approved by the CPSC and is used by people while they are skating or biking.
  • The Classic Commuter Helmet has 11 vents on its top. The vents are a great addition to the outer cover of the helmet. The vents keep the air passing through the helmet. Moving air does not make the head sweat and keeps your head while you are wearing the helmet. Moreover, some people use these vents to place video cameras, but the vents are not specially designed to hold cameras.
  • The interior padding of the helmet often protects the head from serious injuries. The internal padding of the Classic Commuter Helmet is very soft and delicate yet robust enough to absorb the force of a high impact.
  • It has a DEWCOLLECTOR interior padding technology that keeps the seat and bacteria away from dwelling inside the helmets. Moreover, it also keeps the head of wearer irritation-free. The outer cover of the helmet is durable and protects the head from any substantial injuries.
  • While performing tricks on your bicycles you can wear the Classic Commuter Helmet to protect your head; you can also fix gears like cameras to record your skills while you are performing.
  • The helmet is accessible in different sizes for small to medium ranging from fifty-four centimeters to fifty-six centimeters. Medium to large sizes ranges from fifty-seven to fifty-nine centimeters. And the large to extra-large sizes range from fifty-nine to sixty-one centimeters.

How to consider The Helmet

Firstly, you should look for the protection features of the Motorcycle Half Helmet. There are four basic components related to protection of helmet. The External Shell; The outer layer of the helmets is made up of the different fiber composite. The fiber composite allows the outer shell to contract when the helmet experiences a hard blow.

The fiber material is resistive, and it lessens the force of impact before it reaches your head. Impact Absorbing Liner; The impact absorbing liner is made up of Styrofoam material. The Styrofoam material lowers the intensity of the effect by absorbing the shock waves; it helps in reducing the rate of damage caused by the impact.

Comfort Padding

Before buying the helmet always satisfy that the Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet you have to wear has a comfortable padding. The comfort padding not only provides cushioning amidst an accident but it also allows to fit your head inside the helmet. Retention System; The chin straps must be clipped firmly; it acts as the retention system It allows keeping your helmet intact when you experience a hard impact. The retention system keeps the helmet on your head.

Visor of Helmet

There are different types of helmets available at the gear shops. The full-face motorcycle helmets are utilized by the people who practice extreme sports like high speed riding. They have a full visor that covers the face. The open face helmets have a visor in front of them, and cover the ear and head region leaving the chin region bare. The half helmets only cover up the head region of the wearer, it does not have any sort of visor.

Things I liked about this Helmet

  • The Classic Commuter Helmet has air vents which makes it very useful and handy.
  • It has hard outer coast which can resist a hard impact at once.
  • The strap system allows the retention system to work, which keeps the helmet safely on head.
  • Moreover, it is accessible in many sizes.

Things I didn't liked about this Helmet

  • The buckle straps may cause some irritation on skin while you wear the helmet.
  • The vents might sometime get stuck with some dirt or dust particles and block air flow.

How to Use This Helmet

Using the helmet is easier, and there are no special instructions that you need to follow. However, there are some factors which are necessary to understand when you have to wear a Open Face Helmet. When you wear a helmet, the primary thing that you need to look is that the helmet provides you comfort while you wear it.

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet

The Classic Commuter Helmet keeps you comfortable while you wear it, the air vents keep the sweat away, which also does not allow any bacteria to grow inside the Modular Helmet.

Another thing that you need to make sure is that you tighten the straps well. The buckles of the helmets should be firmly clipped so that the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet does not get off whilst a hard impact. The straps will keep the helmet on safely on your head.


Q. Is the helmet fit for youngsters of age 8-10?

A. The Classic Commuter Helmet covers all the sizes ranging from children to adults. It can easily fit on an eight-year-old boy/girl, and the similar helmet of a bigger can also be utilized by a grownup of sixteen-year-old.

Q. Can we attach some visor to the helmet?

A. No, you cannot attach any visor with the Classic Commuter Helmet. It has no holes for attaching visor. If you want to attach screen, you will need to drill holes by yourself. You can attach the visor by drilling holes.

Q. Does the helmet look stylish, especially for women?

A. The helmet is accessible in a vast variety of colors, being a woman you can choose any color that suits your need and requirements. It looks stylish on every type of person.

Q. Are the straps or buckles replaceable?

A. Yes, the buckles and the straps are replaceable. If by any chance the buckle is damaged or is broken you can take the helmet to any helmet shop and get the helmet repaired. However, extra buckles or straps are not available with the package.

Final Verdict

The Classic Commuter Modular Snowmobile Helmet has unique features and is very useful while you are driving your bicycle. It has several advantages, for example, it is durable, sturdy and has a longer lifespan. It is not only easy to use but are made up of the finest material.

While buying the helmet protector, you ought to be extra careful cautious. You should always check the check the warranty of the helmet that you buy. The Classic Commuter Helmet is easy to use. No special instructions are required to follow before operating/using it.

There are several factors that you might need to consider before buying the Dirt Bike Helmet, which includes the durability of helmet, the internal padding etc. but above all the Classic Commuter Helmet is a great helmet that you can use to protect your head and face region.

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