How To Choose The Right Bike Helmet

I get it. A bike helmet may not be the right accessory to cloud your mind after you have spent money on a bicycle. But would you like to have endless trips or perhaps wipe out your entire savings to treating head injuries and brain damage? I guess not. For that reason, this guide intended to give you a thorough guidance.

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I will be happy when you walk into that store and you have an idea on what kind of bike helmet you wanna choose. This guide will benefit all kinds of people. It doesn't matter if you are a veteran bike rider or hobbyists like me.All the questions that are clouding your mind right now, have their answers in this article. And if you feel that I left anything out, do me a favor and leave a comment or shot me back with an email. I will be happier to get back to you as soon as possible, with a concrete answer.

8 Green light Benchmarks That You Need to Know before Buying a Helmet.

If you need a good secure Motorcycle Half Helmet, this 8 factors will guide you all the way through. You can't go wrong when you use this 8 factors as a green light benchmark when choosing a helmet. You are guaranteed to buy a helmet that suits all your needs. Okay, enough of the introduction, let's jump to the first point.

Bike Helmet Construction

How a helmet is constructed determines its safety. There are a bunch of helmet in the market that are poorly constructed. Such helmet only last for a year or some few months. That is why when buying a bike helmet, you will need to pay attention to its construction so that you don't throw your hard earned money. They are two types of helmet construction.

In-mold constructionhelmet made using this construction are super light and have more vents. Hard shell construction- helmet made of this nature always come with robust construction. They are sold by big brands in the market such as Bell, Giro, Rascal and Schwinn.

MIPS Technology

Bike helmet tends to fall into two broad category those that have MIPS and non-MIPS. Now you may be asking yourself... what is the use or need of this technology. Well, this technology offers your advance superior technology that is aimed at providing you lots of protections from rotational forces during a bicycle crash. Helmets made with these technology have a low friction layer. Which allows the helmet's impact-absorbing foam liner to spin around your head during a crash.


Ventilation also depends on climatic condition. For instance, if you live in a cold place, you may need a Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet that has less vents. Or if you go to race during the winter, you will need a helmet that has less vents so that you can feel warm.In the summer, you will probably want something that is light. A light helmet has more vents to allow air flow to keep you cool and comfortable.


Now this is a matter of preference unless you are a motorcycle rider it will be the most important. Having a visor will shield you from UV light. Having a visor on a bike helmet may add a little weight on your head, but you won't feel it.

Youth Kids Offroad Helmet DOT Motocross ATV Dirt Bike MX Motorcycle


The number one factor that should use to vet a bike helmet is how safe it is. You will always see a sticker attached to it. The sticker may represent, DOT, SNELL or CPSM certification and other safety standard body. Such stickers show that the Open Face Helmet is safe and has passed several safety tests. If you are looking for a superior bike helmet, you may want to go with the one that has SNELL certification. Which may be a bit expensive but powerful helmet.

Chin straps and retention system

How do you know the fit and comfort of a helmet? Check the chin straps and the buckle. The helmet buckle and chin strap should fit you snugly once fastened.To the extent that they allow you to open your mouth without much resistance or pressure. To make sure that the chin strap fits you properly... make sure that it should create a V-shape beneath your ear lobe. You can always check this in the mirror. It shouldn't be too loose or tight.


Most helmets will come with removable paddings that will absorb sweat. So when shopping for a Modular Helmet, you want to put this into consideration.

Types of helmet

By now you could have noticed that there are different bicycle riders, because of that helmet comes in different type. Do you want to know where you fall, check out this broad category and you will know where you are.

Leisure or recreational helmet

If you are a regular bike rider, this is the kind of helmet that you should buy. They are cheap but they don't come with robust features.

Mountain bike helmet

If you own a mountain bike, you will need this Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet. They provide a good ventilation at a low. They also feature enhanced rear-head coverage, which makes you have secure fit as you speed on the rough terrain. If you are a park or downhill riders this is the helmet for you. Most helmets for mountain bike riders are full face helmet.

BMX Helmet

They are the best helmet. They have different designs and features. You have the option of either choosing a full face or open face helmet. The most commonly used helmets by BMX riders is the open face helmet.

Time trial helmet

Time trial helmets are designed for riders that take part in time sensitive races. They feature aerodynamic designs and they offer robust protection as you race against the clock.

Road bike helmet

Helmets of this nature are for bike enthusiasts. They feature low weight, good ventilation, fog visors and unobstructed views.

HJC Solid Adult CS-MX 2 Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet

Aero road helmet

This is a hybrid Dirt Bike Helmet that is a cross between the time trial and road bike helmet. The design of this helmet to provide ease of movement and lightweight of a road helmet, at the same time delivering aerodynamic advantages.

When to replace a helmet

It is actually not the most important factor in buying a helmet. But it deserves a mention, you see most riders tend to stay with a helmet before replacing it.Which is wrong. The average helmet has a life cycle of 5 years. After that, all its protective features weakness with time as a result of pollution, UV lights and weather. That is why it is vital to give it a replacement. Even when you have just had a small crush with a Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, it is vital that you replace, because from the impact, its strength weakens.

Know your size

Once you know what kind of feature you want in a helmet, the next step is to know your size. I must say that most riders miss this part. They give a wrong guess of their head size, only to return the helmet to the store because of improper fit. You must know your head size before making an order. A Simple way to know this is:

Step 1: Take a soft tape, and get measurement of the largest part of your head, which is one inch above the eyebrows.

Step 2: Take note of the measurement and then order your helmet.

Choosing a good helmet is as important as selecting the right bicycle for you. A helmet is an important safety accessory for your head. With a good Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, you will save endless hospital bills and maybe surgery. I believe this guide has been an eye opener for you. Now I want you to do me a simple favor.

Are you aware that the number of deaths caused by bike or motorcycle is on the rise? And one of the main reasons is that most riders don't have information. In short, you will be saving a lot of life when share this article on Facebook, twitter or email a friend.

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