The Pro- Tec Helmet Review

Are you involved in high-speed skating? Then you know the only thing that will make noggin safer is the pro-Tec helmet. When you fall from your skateboard, your knees and elbows may mend. Even broken bones may heal. But what about the most important part of your body.

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Your head. If you are unfortunate you may end up in a state of amnesia. I am not telling you this to scare you or buy pro-Tec helmet that I review? No. But do you want to get a fracture on your skull before you know how skate helmets are important. I believe no.


What I know is that you want to be safe and secure before even the inevitable happen. Yes, the purpose of this review is to educate you on the top 5 bestselling pro-Tec helmet that we have tried and given them a thumb of approval. By reading to the end, I will also give you a thorough guide on how to select the best skate helmet. Having said that, here is the....

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

Editors Rating

This is superior action sport helmets that defends you against bumps and falls that happen. With this helmet you should be confident because it comes with the latest technology which absorbs low impacts. A wicking liner is also included in this helmet that will prevent sweat from dripping on your face, allowing you to focus.

Features of the helmet

  • It comprises of 11 large vents which allow heat to escape through the helmet leaving you cool.
  • The helmet is lightweight, versatile and comfortable which makes it an ideal for participation in various sports.
  • Comes with a wicker liner and fabric that prevents sweat from dripping, allowing you to be ultra-focus.
  • Its shell is highly molded and comes with inner 2-stage foam liner that gives you ultimate protection against low impacts and bumps.

Things I liked about this Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet


Meets all the CPSC, NZ, and ASTM safety standard.

Maximum impact absorption

With this Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet comes the EPS foam liner that passes all the safety measures and testing. This classic helmet features a hard ABS plastic shell construction and comfortable inner foam.

The Nylon-webbed straps

The nylon-webbed straps is fully adjustable and easy to buckle for custom fit. It will ensure that you stay safe at all times in case of an impact.

11 well-placed vents

To ensure that you are safe at all times, this Open Face Helmet has 11 strategically placed vents. They are all placed in a proper position to ensure that they emit as much heat possible so that you are cool and dry.

Things I didn't liked about the Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

  • For proper fit, you need to go a size one bigger your current size.
  • The matte finish in this helmet scratches often and show marks.

Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

Editors Rating

This classic helmet from pro-Tec has a decent look. With this Modular Helmet comes the confident of skating knowing that you are full-protected against impacts. It has the right balance padding and ventilation to ensure that you are more safe and secure.

Features of the helmet

  • The helmet has 11 strategically placed vents that emit excess heat and makes sure that you are dry and cool.
  • The shell construction makes the helmet look, light, comfortable and versatile. That means it is an ideal helmet for any sporting venture.
  • The wicker liner and fabric included in this Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet serves the function of preventing sweat from dripping and allowing you to focus.

To protect you against impacts, pro-Tec included an injection-molded PE shell.

Things I liked about this Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

A moisture wicking liner

The sole purpose of this liner to prevent sweat from dripping. It is to make you dry so that you pay attention to the ultimate prize.

The nylon webbed straps

These are easily adjustable straps that you buckle for custom fit.

11 vents

The helmet comes with 11 well-placed vents that ensure that you are cool and comfortable.

High-impact ABS shell

The exterior is made up of a hard plastic ABS shell that offers comprehensive ultimate protection.

Things I didn't liked about the Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

  • The helmet does meet the CPSC safety standards.
  • This helmet has weak Velcro that usually comes out every easily.

Pro-Tec Full Cut Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Full Cut Skate Helmet

Editors Rating

This is a professional helmet that features retro design of a full cut helmet with 100% ear coverage. From its design and features, you will know that you are buying a Modular Snowmobile Helmet with comprehensive protection capabilities.

Features of the helmet

  • Offers 100% coverage for your head and ear, so that you are fully protected.
  • Comes with open vents that ensure that, all time you are cool and comfortable.
  • With the wicking liner and fabric, you are guaranteed that not even a pinch of sweat will be dripping on your nose. All you be doing is focusing on that one thing.
  • The outer shell of this helmet is fully constructed with ABS shell and 2-stage inner foam liner which offers you superior top notch protection.

Things I liked about this Pro-Tec Full Cut Skate Helmet

Hard-impact ABS shell

The exterior of the Dirt Bike Helmet is constructed with ABS material. Which condenses, breaks and cracks upon receiving an impact so that your head stays in a safe condition. The other material included in this helmet is a 2-stage foam liner that offers superior support and comfort.

Things I didn't liked about the Pro-Tec Full Cut Skate Helmet

  • This is a classic helmet, the problem is that it does not meet the CPSC nor ASTM safety standards.
  • The next thing is the sizing, it is not labelled correctly.

Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Skate Helmet

Editors Rating

Considered to be among the best helmet manufactured by Pro-tec.It is well-designed to make sure that whatever you are doing, whether you are skating for fun or racing, all is taken care. By wearing the pro-Tec classic Bucky helmet you are putting yourself on the sides of the angels.

Features of the helmet

  • The outer shell is made of Hard-Density Polyethylene Shell (HDPS) and a soft liner that offers you ultimate protection.
  • The Dri-Lex wicking liner that prevents the sweat from dripping all over your face, which might distract you.
  • 11 well-positioned vents that will make you feel cool and relax, as they emit excess heat.
  • This is a very light, low profile helmet that you won't even feel that you have something on your head.

Things I liked about this Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Skate Helmet

2-Stage soft foam liner

This feature makes the helmet have a snug fit that will make you that you are comfortable.

The standard HDPE shell

Well, this an advanced helmet and the HDPE shell is flexible enough to fit a broad range of head shapes.

Mastery over perspiration

The wicking liner included in this help makes it possible for the wearer to feel dry and cool as it prevents sweat from dripping.

Things I didn't liked about the Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Skate Helmet

  • This is a good helmet from Pro-Tec but the company need at least to have a certification for this helmet.

Pro-tec Classic Matte Skateboard Helme

Pro-tec Classic Matte Skateboard Helmet

Editors Rating

Are you a regular skater on the street, then the Pro-classic matter skateboard helmet will be the best helmet for you? It comes with impressive features and you won’t break the bank. Looking at the design alone, you will get the feeling that you are buying a premium helmet. The glossy, matte finish speaks it all.

Features of the helmet

  • The shell of this helmet is made of High-impact ABS
  • The exterior lines come included with an EPS foam liner which is responsible for providing you will the safety.
  • Meets the CPSC, ASTM, AN/ASN and CE certification.

Things I liked about this Pro-tec Classic Matte Skateboard Helmet

11 Well-positioned vents

The 11 vents included in this helmet are strategically positioned to ensure that they emit excess heat as possible. So that you feel comfortable.

Nylon webbed straps

It has adjustable webbed straps that easy to buckle for a snug custom fit.

Things I didn't liked about the Pro-tec Classic Matte Skateboard Helmet

  • The sizing of the helmet is wrong. You may need to get the right before you make the purchase.

The 4 Factors That Proves You Have Chosen The Best Pro– Tec Helmet

You just don't walk into any store and say that you need a motorcycle helmet. You need to be familiar with the words that are used in the industry. So that when you are told that the helmet comes with an EPS liner. You don't ask what that this, you already know what that means for your ultimate safety, especially if you are doing long boarding.

But going there with zero industry knowledge of what you need, you might as well buy a high-end helmet that does not suite your needs. So, before walking to any store or making your order on Amazon, you need to know the basics. The basics will prevent you from making the common mistakes that beginning skaters make and cry later when they discovered they have bought a 'shitty' product. Here are the factors....

Depends on the use

Are you street skater, bike skater or participate long board skating. What you need to know is that different skates are designed to be used in different skating activities.

Skate Helmet

For example, if you do regular skateboarding all you need is a simple Motorcycle Half Helmet that is half-full or open face. This is the type of helmet that look like a bucket-shape. They are designed in that way to protect the top, side and back of your skull.With this type of helmet, you won't need sophisticated features like EPS liner, but you will need its shell to comprise of features like

  • ABS plate
  • Fiberglass composite
  • Carbon fiber or
  • Kevlar

Apart from that this kind of helmet always have a soft foam protection in their interior.

Bike Helmet

From a regular skate helmet that you run with across the street, there is a bike helmet. A bike helmet can be used in skate racing. Because of that, it comes with a light, stiff Styrofoam material called EPS foam.This liner condenses, breaks and fractures upon receiving a heavy impact so that your head does not sustain injury. This type of helmet is usually certified with CPSC and ASTM.

Downhill skateboarding helmet

Downhill skateboarding is an aggressive sport that requires superior protection. Because when an accident occurs, it can be hazardous. For that its riders go for a full face helmet which is constructed with a thin exterior hard shell that covers the head. Some features that come with this kind of helmet are:

  • Hard plastic shell
  • A fiberglass composite
  • A carbon fiber
  • A chin bar extending across the face.


When it comes to fitting, every manufacturer have their own sizes that they use to make the helmet. When choosing a helmet, you want to go for something that gives your head a proper coverage. The helmet should be able to fit you with a pair sunglass if you are choosing the half-face helmet.

The cost of the helmet

The price of the helmet is an important consideration, because at the end of the day you want to get the value of your money. But price only becomes reasonable when you get a helmet that satisfies your needs. Here are the different price points for the helmet and some of their features.

A Helmet that cost 25-30, have the following features

  • Hard shell construction with pre-molded interior protective liner
  • Exterior hard shell material: The regular hard plastic ABS shell.
  • Interior protective liner: Has a soft cushioned foam.

A Helmet that cost 30-70, have the following features

  • Hard shell construction with pre-molded interior protective liner
  • Exterior shell material: The regular hard plastic ABS shell which is lightweight.
  • Interior protective liner: A soft cushion EPS liner that meets all the safety standards.
  • Sweat-wicking fit pads that are removable and washable.

A Helmet that cost 70 and above, have the following features

  • helmet with lots of protection.
  • Exterior shell features ultra-thin carbon fiber, glass composite shell, to offer comprehensive superior protection.
  • Interior protective liner: EPS foam liner that passes all the safety standards.


If you skate in warm climate, then you will need a helmet that has a lot of vents. But the bigger the helmet, the more vents it has to allow heat to escape from your helmets and keep you cooler. If skate in cold areas, then a helmet that has less vents will be ideal for you.

Final Verdict

When you are skating, it is important to have a helmet. But not just any helmet.For 4o years the Pro-Tec helmets have proved so far to be the best helmet in the industry. Although some helmet lack certification, but you can see for yourself that the company went into great lengths to include superior advanced features in its helmet.

Bottom line : Buying a helmet from Pro-Tec, is a great investment for your safety. Other companies have helmets, but they don't go to great lengths like Pro-tec helmet. They may have the certification, but they have poor features.

Willim Jacob

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