Should You Give A Damn About Motorcycle Helmet Laws?

How do you know whether these laws are effective or not? You check the number of accidents per year and you do a thorough comparison between the years. A report published by the Governors Highway Safety Associations and Sam Schwartz consulting states that in 2015, 5,010 people were killed in motorcycle accidents. Do you know the main reason behind this accident? The answer may surprise you.

Should You Give A Damn About Motorcycle Helmet Laws? #Motorcycle #Helmet

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Looking at the data again, I came to find out that the most accidents happened as a result of riding without a helmet. To mean that if the user would have at least had a helmet on their head, many lives could have been saved. Now, I compared the data from last year and yesteryears, I also noted a very surprising effect. Which answers the main question of this article: Are motorcycle helmet laws still effective?

Now, the data show that there has been in increase of motorcycle helmets by 10% from 2014.That means, majorities of people are neglecting the use of helmets. Riders prefer the thrill and feel of air at the mercy of their own safety. Now... Suppose the same body want to do study on why people hate helmet, here are some of the reasons that could come up.


If you are a rider, you have probably had this: if no one is wearing a Motorcycle Half Helmet why should I give it a try.In short, peer influence from fellow riders prevent novice and beginners from a trying the only accessory that would save their life.

They look ugly

I get it. Everybody wants to be noticed. You want people to know the person behind that cool expensive bike. A helmet happens to be a big obstacle to beauty and you don't get noticed when you are wearing one.

They are uncomfortable

This isn't an excuse if you took your time to choose a Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet. Most riders just go to the shop and pick any helmet that they think is fine. Wrong approach. You need to know every detail of that helmet.

That includes things like, helmet constructions, ventilation, chin straps and buckle and type. Because you are in a rush this feature will mean nothing to you. And the result comes out that the Open Face Helmet is uncomfortable. Which is actually not the reason.

Some Of The Simple Motorcycle Helmets Laws That Ignored

There 3 universal laws that are applicable in all states, here they are.

  • It is upon the rider to use the approved helmets. Approved Modular Helmets are the ones that have passed tests and safety standards such as DOT, Snell or CPSC. A helmet without any sticker bearing such standards is considered unsafe.
  • All passengers plus the rider must have a helmet. The law does not need only the rider to have a helmet. In case of an accident, both people stand a chance to die.
  • A helmet is a basic need for all persons, as long as you have something called a motorcycle. You must have a helmet weather you are a child, hobbyist or an elderly.

Now the question comes....Why follows these laws?

I will use the data from the NHTSA to illustrate my point, because that is the only way you can know their effectiveness. A research done by NHTSA in 2013, state that wearing a helmet decreased the risk of death in motorcycle crashes by 37%.That year alone, NHTSA reports that 1630 lives were saved in the US, as a result of riders wearing a helmet.

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The same study went on to say that extra 71% could have been saved if those riders followed the law and had a helmet. My point:You are safe when you have a helmet. It doesn't matter if you are riding for leisure or you are a beginner. Because accidents don’t care much if you are veteran rider or stars. It can happen to anyone old, adult or child.Dress for the accidents and live longer.

How helmet gives you superior protection

Looking at the design of the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet alone, you will know that it is an accessory that is meant to give you superior comfort and safety. The good thing about wearing a that they are designed to compress when they are hit.Which will automatically decrease the severity of the impact.

They do this by absorbing and dispersing force. For this to be even possible, companies like Bell, Giro and others makes helmet with different layers. All these layers work together to provide you the ultimate protection for your head. Here are a couple of layers that you may need to know about.

The shell

This is the hard plastic part. It comes with two types of construction. The in-mold construction and the hard shell construction. All these types of construction are designed to skid, thus preventing neck injuries and deflecting objects away. If you want to learn more about helmet construction, you can read most of our dedicated guide so that you can know which type will suit you.

The liner

It is the hard foam of the helmet. It serves the role of compressing and taking most force in an impact. Different companies will come up with different types of liner. You will find that others have a hard impact ABS liner, while others have Styrofoam liner. The choice usually comes to the rider, which liner they want to protect them.

The interior

Not much is there to be said about the Dirt Bike Helmet interior like the other part. The interior comes with soft removable padding that are designed to give the user the snug, custom fit. I believe by now, you have more reason to wear helmet, given that you have known what makes them effective in preventing head injuries.

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Are these laws really effective?

Yes and no. The law becomes effective when the government is willing to do its best to protect the safety of its citizen. But like most countries, these laws are ignored in most cases by the riders. And the main reason for negligence is what I have said above in the article. But with constant education and awareness, I think these laws will be effective. And maybe the number of motorcycle deaths will reduce.It is your obligation as a rider to protect yourself from accidents.

More Helmet Laws=Less Death

The laws can be more effective if each state come up with tough measure that make more people wear helmet. Like, all motorcycles should be bought together with two or three Full Face Motorcycle Helmets. One for the driver and the other two for the passengers. That is the only way to reduce deaths and save more life on the road.

If these laws were effective, you couldn't have seen the 10% increase in the motorcycle deaths in 2015. It would be like 2013, where there has been a 30% reduction from the previous years. To make these laws effective, it all starts with me and you. And the best way to do that is by ensuring, we all have our helmet on when we are riding our bikes. That is the only way that we can influence and incite others to put on helmets. Finally, safety starts with you.

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