A Thoughtful Way To Choosing the Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet– Guide And Review

When you buy a motorcycle, you will have to get a Best Motorcycle Helmet to protect your head before you go out riding. It is not always a good thing to ride your motorcycle without first putting on a helmet. The quality of the helmet you use is as important too.

Not every helmet brand out there can be trusted to deliver a high level of performance in safety provision. You need to be careful with the brand or model that you select because it will greatly influence your safety while you ride.

Not every rider knows how to choose the best helmet, and that's why this guide created so that is can take you through the best cruiser motorcycle helmet. This guide will exhaustively answer all your questions regarding these types of helmets.


The 5 Ultimate List of the Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

1. ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

Editors Rating

This is the kind of helmet you need if you want to stay protected while you ride your motorcycle. It includes various amazing features that put it way ahead of its competitions. The ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet will protect your entire head while it also feels comfortable on your head.

Features of this ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

  • Includes two visors
  • Has a streamlined design
  • ABS shell
  • Quick release strap
  • DOT safer standards

Thing I Like in ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

Check out some of the benefits of this helmet as explained below.

Advanced Lightweight Design

The ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet is made of advanced lightweight ABS shell that makes it feel even more comfortable on your head. The material is lightweight and highly effective in providing high-quality protection to your head in case of an impact.

The fact that it is lightweight makes it easy for you to keep it on your head for as long as you may want, especially when you are going for a long ride.

Easy Use

With the quick release strap, you can be sure to remove it as fast as you may want. We all know of cases where the strap gets stuck. Some straps take the time to come off which can be inconveniencing, especially when your head is sweaty and you are feeling the discomfort.


This is one of the most advanced features of this helmet. Its streamlined shape allows it to cut through the air with ease so that you are not slowed down in any way. The shape also reduces wind noise a great deal. The result is an interrupted and comfortable ride.

Two Visors

The ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet comes with two visors that include clear plus smoked and one neck scarf to be used in winter. With the two visors, the Nutcase Bike Helmet is advanced enough to help your enjoy your ride in all conditions. You can, therefore, choose how you want to ride no matter the cm mate or weather condition.

Things I didn't like about the ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

  • Not a good choice for those who don't like full face helmets

2. Free Smoke Shield w/Purchase!! Snell M2015 Dot Approved Full Face Helmet

FREE Smoke Shield w/ Purchase!! Snell M2015 DOT Approved Full Face Helmet

Editors Rating

This is the best cruiser motorcycle Half Helmet if you are looking for something classy and tough in one. The Snell M2015 comes with multiple innovative features that make it very protective. Your whole head is kept safe while you still get to look classy and stylish.

Features of this Free Smoke Shield w/Purchase!! Snell M2015 Dot Approved Full Face Helmet

  • Lightweight shell
  • Plush interior
  • Easily removable liner
  • Channel vents
  • Soft helmet storage bag

Things I Like in Snell M2015 Dot Approved Full Face Helmet

This helmet boasts a variety of cool features. Here are some of them.

Lightweight Shell and plush interior

The shell is designed to be lightweight. It is made of lightweight material that also doubles as a hardcover for the helmet, which results in a convenient protective gear.

Unlike the heavy types, this helmet feels very comfortable on the head and can be used for long hours of riding. The interior is plush to maximize your comfort and protection.

Maximum Airflow

The Snell M2015 is designed with exhaust vents and channel vents that allow maximum airflow when you are riding. The vents are strategically positioned to keep air flowing gently in and out even no matter what speed you are riding in.

Removable Washable Liner

Another amazing thing about this helmet is the fact that it has a comfortable interior with removable and washable liner. Not every Open Face Helmet gives you the chance to keep it clean with so much ease as the Snell M2015. This feature makes it a real convenience.

Comfortable Chain Strap

The Snell M2015 comes with a comfortable chin strap D-ring closure and strap keeper. Your comfort is necessary when you put your helmet on. This Bell Helmet perfectly stays on the riders head without causing any discomfort to it.

Things I Don't Like About the Snell M2015 Dot Approved Full Face Helmet

  • Not super incredible quality.

3. Freshion Motorcycle Vespa Leather Summer Casual Adult Women Men Helmet

Frenshion Motorcycle Vespa Leather Summer Casual Adult Women Men Helmet Harley Style Open Face With Sunvisor And Scarf Motif White

Editors Rating

This is a uniquely designed head protection gear. It is made from some high-quality materials. It is made for both women and men. With this Modular Helmet, the safety of your head is guaranteed.

Features of this Freshion Motorcycle Vespa Leather Summer Casual Adult Women Men Helmet

  • Ingenious design
  • Comfortable interior
  • Adjustable head circumference
  • Face with Sunvisor

Things I Like in Freshion Motorcycle Vespa Leather Summer Casual Adult Women Men Helmet

This is one of the best helmets and for a reason. Here is why.

Unique Design

The Freshion Motorcycle Vespa is made to be unique. This is a classy, sassy Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet that will enhance your look while it protects you at the same time. You don't want to look funny while you ride, do you. The solution is Freshion Motorcycle Vespa.

Excellent for Head Protection

This helmet is designed it such a way that it will protect your head even from the hardest impact. It can be trusted to provide maximum head protection and can keep you totally safe.


The Freshion Motorcycle Vespa can be used with various types of motorcycles. It is perfect for touring, cruiser, motorcycle, and scooter riders. Even though it doesn't cover the whole head, your safety is guaranteed.

High-Quality Helmet

This helmet is made from top quality materials that keep it tough and lightweight. It has got open face style with sunvisor and scarf-motif purple. It also boasts a head circumference that can be adjusted from 56cm to 60 cm.

Things I didn't like about the Freshion Motorcycle Vespa Leather Summer Casual Adult Women Men Helmet

  • Not suitable for high-speed riding.

4. VCAN V531 Cruiser Solid Flat Black Small Half Helmet

VCAN V531Cruiser Solid Flat Black Small Half Helmet

Editors Rating

This is many riding enthusiasts' favorite Modular Snowmobile Helmet. I have this helmet, and I must say that I love it for a reason. It boasts a variety of innovative features that makes it a real protection gear for riders.

Features of this VCAN V531 Cruiser Solid Flat Black Small Half Helmet

  • Solid flat back design
  • Adjustable strap
  • Removable and washable cheek pad
  • Solid design

Things I like in VCAN V531 Cruiser Solid Flat Black Small Half Helmet

These are some of its best features.

Top Quality ABS

VCAN V531 Cruiser helmet has a high-quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell that gives it a good look and performance in safety provision. The shell is lightweight and functions like you'd expect a top quality helmet to. The shell meets and exceeds DOT standards.

Easily Adjustable

The VCAN V531 Cruiser features adjustable double D-ring with secured nylon chin strap. You can adjust the strap or remove it with so much ease. This makes the helmet very easy to use, and it will not stress you at all.

Removable and washable cheek pad

When you find a helmet with removable, washable parts such as cheek pad, you should know it is a good choice. Not many helmets have such qualities. VCAN V531 Cruiser allows you to keep those helmet parts clean and presentable.

Solid Flat Black Design

I always look for Dirt Bike Helmets that are classy and stylish so that I don't end up looking like a carpenter when I want to look like a rider. VCAN V531 Cruiser boasts a solid flat black design that makes it look elegant and cool.

Things I didn't like about the VCAN V531 Cruiser Solid Flat Black Small Half Helmet

  • Not suitable for longer or highway trips.

5. 2012 HJC CS Cruiser Whip Women's Motorcycle Helmet

 Click to open expanded view 2012 HJC CS-Cruiser Whip Women's Motorcycle Helmet - Small

Editors Rating

Your safety as a rider is always important, and you should never take it for granted under any circumstance. 2012 HJC CS Cruiser Whip is ingeniously designed to provide maximum protection for your head when an impact occurs.

Features of this 2012 HJC CS Cruiser Whip Women's Motorcycle Helmet

  • Exceeds DOT Standards
  • Luxurious inside lining
  • Elegant shaped shell

Things I Like in 2012 HJC CS Cruiser Whip Women's Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet has plenty of innovative features and here are some of them.

Elegant Design

This Full Face Motorcycle Helmet looks pretty cools from the outside. The shell is designed in such a way that it looks classy and elegant. You will fall in love with it from the first moment you lay your eyes on it. Cool people love cool things.


It features a featherweight injection in thermoplastic alloy helmet shell that makes it easy for you to carry it on your head for longer without getting tired or exhausted or uncomfortable. The materials used to make this helmet make it amazing.

Luxurious Inside Lining

The interior of this helmet is made of the luxurious Nylex lining that is known to offer maximum comfort. Your head will feel comfortable in whatever circumstance, thanks to the ingenious inside design. It will also maximize your head protection.

High-quality full face helmet

This Giro Helmet is made of high-quality components. You should not gamble with your safety even for a single moment. The 2012 HJC CS Cruiser Whip is made up of high-quality components that offer excellent performance for your head.

Things I didn't like about the 2012 HJC CS Cruiser Whip Women's Motorcycle Helmet

  • Only the upper part of your head is protected

5 Most Vital Factors to Consider When Choosing The Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

Before you can get the best cruiser helmet from any helmet store, you need to know how to pick out the best out of the rest. This section contains factors to guide you in choosing the best helmet under this category. Apply them in your choosing, and you will get exactly what you need for your head protection during every motorcycle riding session.

Protection Features

A good helmet should contain four basic protection features that contribute to the general protection function of the helmet. The four basic components making up the protective features include the outer shell, impact-absorbing liner, retention system, and comfort padding.

The outer shell is usually made of fiber reinforced composite. The material has a nature that allows it to contract on an impact. That way, it helps reduce the blow it reaches your head. Impact absorbing liner is usually made of Styrofoam.

This second layer continues to absorb shock during impact. Comfort padding is the layer that is in contact with your head. It is mainly for your comfort and ensures the helmet fits perfectly on your head. The retention system is the piece that ensures the helmet stays on your head if you crash.

Helmet Size

With helmets, don't use small, medium, and large to select. You need to be more accurate with the size you choose. A new helmet should be slightly tight and come into contact with the greater part of your head and the sides of your face. However, it shouldn't put too much pressure in on any part of your face. Once you have worn it for a while, your helmet will adjust to fit your head perfectly. It should not become too loose, though.

Comfort Features

Helmets come in many different designs some of which are a Full-face helmet, Three-quarter/Open-face helmet, and Shorty half helmet. The full-face helmet has a design that does what its name suggests. It covers your whole face and head, and it typically includes moveable face shield to protect your eyes.

Three-quarter/Open-face helmet is similar to the full-face design, but it doesn't have a moveable face shield. Shorty half helmet simply protects the top of your head. It is not recommended for motorcycle riders.

Strap and Retention System

The buckle and chin area of the helmet strap is supposed to fit close to the underside of your chin once you fasten it.

However, these features should still allow you to open your mouth in case you want to eat an energy bar or drink water from a bottle. The upper side of your strap should create a V-shape for it to fit you well.

Helmet Maintenance

Helmets are expensive and should, therefore, be maintained effectively. Make sure your safety investment is well taken care of. Read the manufacturer's instructions before you use it. Get to learn the maintenance tips to help you take good care of your helmet.

The helmet you choose should also be easy to maintain. Make sure you don't choose a helmet that is more costly to maintain.

Final Words

These are the best cruiser motorcycle helmets anyone can ever find on the market. They are made from high-quality materials are all DOT compliant. With any of these products, you can be sure that your total safety is guaranteed.

Keep in mind that each of these Pro- Tec Helmets has their strengths and weaknesses and you should, therefore, make sure you choose the one that best performs in the area that you want it to. Otherwise, they are all of the excellent qualities. They all provide value for the money.

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