The Giro Helmet Review

Have you ever wanted to buy a bike helmet?  Well, Giro helmet is the go for brand. You will love the sleek designs of the helmet. Not only do they offer ultimate protection for your head, but they also make sure you are comfortable. The features and performance of Giro Motorcycle Helmets surpass what you wouldn't expect in the other brands. Today, Giro helmets happens to be the best helmet for mountain bike riding or cycling. Want proof?

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If you look at any brand of Giro Dirt Bike Helmets on Amazon today, you will be startled with raving reviews that the helmets have gained. Which tells you something that the customer who bought Giro helmets are 100% satisfied with the product. But I will be doing you a disservice if I didn't tell you the factors that goes into choosing a great bike helmet. Because of that it is vital that you know the....

Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

Editors Rating

One of the best helmets from Giro. It comes with superb functionality that will boost your performance when you ride your bike. The Giro savant helmet has won lots of fans because of its superb designs and features. But there one area that the manufacturer needs to improve. Overall, i will classify it to be the best helmet that is worth your investment.

Features of the helmet

  • Polycarbonate
  • Roc Loc system
  • Polycarbonate shell integrated with EPS liner.
  • Super ventilation with 25 vents.
  • Ultimate fit

Things that I like about this Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

The Roc Loc

Has a better adjustment system that allows you to adjust the chin in time with the dial. The RocLoc system is very small and very easy to use.


With this helmet you get 25 distributed vents which keeps the air flowing through the helmet.


It also has enough padding in the bow area that are so thick to soak up sweat. With this thick padding your head will be free from pressure points between the foam and the scalp. The helmet is also low profile and conforms to the size of your head very well.


The helmet is made of polycarbonate material which makes it durable.

Things I didn't liked about this Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

It has terrible straps that are poorly constructed. You are likely to feel uncomfortable when adjusting the straps.

Giro Me2 Toddler Bike Helmet

Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet

Editors Rating

When you want your kid to look stylish in his or her new bike. Then this is the helmet that you will need. It comes with colorful designs that your kid will fall in love with. When it comes to performance, Giro made the helmet have superior features designed to offer ultimate protection to your kid. When your kid is wearing this helmet, you sit back and relax knowing that everything is fully taken care of.

Features of the helmet

  • Comes with 6 vents.
  • Has a mini loc fit system?
  • Has a micro shell with built-in bug.
  • Well-constructed visor for protecting your kid's eyes.

Things that I like about this Giro Me2 Toddler Bike Helmet

Giro's Mini-Loc fit system

Comes with a simple strap guide that will enable your kid to put on the helmet without feeling pain.

Cute colors

The helmet comes with cute colors for kids such as yellow chicks, red duck, goose, pink bunnies and amateur pigs.

Extra padding

The helmet has stick-on foam pads that will provide lots of cushion to your kid when they wear it.

Adjustable fit system

When you twist the knob the inside strap of the helmet, you can tighten or loosen the helmet for the custom fit of your kid.

Things I didn't liked about the Giro Me2 Toddler Bike Helmet

If you don't adjust properly the helmet, expect to pinch your child because the chin strap is a bit too tight.

Giro Revel Helmet - Women's Matte Titanium

Giro Revel Helmet - Women's Matte Titanium

Editors Rating

This is one of the best helmet custom made for ladies. Touching glossy finish of this helmet you will know that it is something of great quality.

Features of the helmet

  • ACU Dial fit system
  • The shell of the helmet is covered.
  • Comes with snap fit visor
  • Has a reflective rear decal

Things that I like about this Giro Revel Helmet - Women's Matte Titanium

Adjustable dial

The adjustable dial on the helmet can accommodate a wide range of sizes.


The long straps will feel good on your head, but you can always shorten if you have a small head.

Cute colors

Comes with excellent color options that you can select.

Things I didn't liked about the Giro Revel Helmet - Women's Matte Titanium

Weak visor- the visor of this helmet is weak. When the helmet accidently drops the visor snaps break easily because it is held by small plastic pegs.

Most customers have complained of inadequate padding in the helmet which makes them uncomfortable.

Giro Trinity Helmet

Giro Trinity Helmet

Editors Rating

The Giro trinity helmet is fully engineered design to keep your head fully protected and cool. That said, the helmet also has a better absorbing impact, in case you hit your head on the pavement.

Features of the helmet

  • Made of polycarbonate material
  • Has no visor
  • 22 vents to promote air flow
  • Has EPS impact absorbing foam

Things that I like about this Giro Trinity Helmet


Comes with 22 vents that promote good air flow and makes you cool.

Reflective accents

They have been added so that you are more visible in low-light condition.


Well-designed straps that allow you to fit without much trouble.


It has a knob at the back that you can use to adjust the tension.

Exteriors and Interiors

The one thing that you will love about this what you will find in their interiors and exteriors. The interior of this helmet is made up of the standard Styrofoam, which makes it to be a durable helmet. On the exterior, you will find that the helmet is covered with a thin layer robust plastic.


The helmet will fit you very well while at the same time provide you more room. With this helmet you won't experience wobbling when you are cycling.

Things I didn't liked about the Giro Trinity Helmet

This is helmet lacks one thing. It has no visor. That means chances you being distracted by the sun is high.

Giro Feature Mountain Bike Helmet

Giro Feature Mountain Bike Helmet

Editors Rating

Do you like to cycle using a mountain bike?  Then I have good news for you?Giro made the Giro feature Mountain bike helmet for those guys who like to cycle mountain bikes. Every single detail went into consideration to make sure that the bike meets expectation of this group of people. This a top notch premium helmet that only gives you the ultra-comfort and safety that you would get from a full face helmet.

Features of the helmet

  • Comes with 12 vents with internal channeling that guarantees superior ventilation.
  • Has adjustable motor-style visor.
  • The shell is made up polycarbonate material with EPS.
  • In form fit system.

Things that I like about this Giro Feature Mountain Bike Helmet

Adjustable visor

The visor of this helmet is a major selling point. It is so easy to slide and adjust so that you can keep your eyes away from the sun.


Comes with 12 vents that will keep your head cool and relaxed.


It weighs so little that you lose the sensation that you are wearing a helmet on your head.


The helmet has a nice adjustment wheel in the back that will guarantee you of a snug fit. Also the chin strap of this helmet is something that you can adjust very separately so that it fits you well.

Things I didn't liked about the Giro Feature Mountain Bike Helmet

Let's face it, this is a premium helmet that i would recommend to anybody. In fact, if my current one gets old, i will still buy this helmet.

But like anything in the world, it is not a perfect. It has one problem and that is less padding.

6 Stunning Factors That tell You have the best bike helmet

The kind of Motorcycle Half Helmet that you choose for your bike riding is different from what would choose for cycling races. The specific change and lots of configuration goes into great details of creating for you a helmet that gives you ultra-support and comfort. If you are looking to buy a helmet, these factors should be a guiding you all the way.


Every helmet that you buy must bear the government instituted standard. It must pass all the safety standard and requirement for it to be considered best for the on the market. Apart from the safety regulations, you will want the material for the helmet to be best so that it can a shock absorber.

A good example will be helmet made from polystyrene materials that acts as a shock absorbing system.When you crash, the helmet sacrifices itself, thereby protecting your head. The other thing is the MIPS found in certain Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets. Now the primary function of the MIPS is to offer the user additional protection against rotational impacts.


The more open the Open Face Helmet is the better ventilated it is and the more air passes through it.In a helmet, ventilation takes on multiple forms. Other helmets come with multiple exteriors holes, or vents which are important for air circulation.

A helmet having lots of holes is not a prerequisite that it is the best helmet. It must have well-designed internal venting-air channels carved into the shell to control and direct air. Then channel it to large exit port, affecting your head's exhaust pipes.


A good Modular Helmet should fit on your head snugly without giving your head to wobble. To get a good fit. You will need to measure your head. Take a tape measure and pass it around the circumference of your head above your ears. Then get the size of your head.


For a helmet to stay in place, it must have a retention system to ensure that it fits you properly and stays in place in case of an accident. To achieve this you will find most Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets having a ratchet or turn-wheel of some sort that you can control the adjustable band. The chin strap that comes with the helmets also needs to be adjustable.


All padding in the helmets needs to be removable and washable. The good thing about the pads is that they help with fine adjustment of the internal shape. They also wick off the sweat from the head.

Final Verdict

Let's be honest. You will admit that Giro Modular Snowmobile Helmet brands are the best helmet ever. Nothing can give this company a match when it comes to producing nice helmets that exceeds the expectation of the competition. Just like any other helmet, I wouldn't say that they are perfect, but at least they have superior performance compared to other helmets on the market.

Willim Jacob

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