The Nutcase Bike Helmet Review

You understand how hard it is to get a toddler to wear a helmet? It can be a stressful if you just buy any helmet. That is why you need to buy Nutcase bike helmet. For the simple reason that it was designed for preschoolers or little toddler that are just learning how to skate.

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The design is so simple with little sophistications that can be overwhelming for your kids. Nutcase helmets feature cute designs and pattern that attract attention to kids. Your kid will love it when they know that they are the envy and admiration of their friends.


Your little toddler is about to bike more the moment they get the Nutcase bike helmets. With Nutcase helmets you can't go wrong because they are beautifully designed to please both parents and kids. But maybe you’re asking yourself....

Nutcase - Patterned Street Bike Helmet

Nutcase - Patterned Street Bike Helmet

Editors Rating

Nutcase street Best Motorcycle Helmet opens up a new world of graphic. It is beautifully designed to give you greater confidence as you bike across the street. This is a street-styled helmets that come with show-stopping graphics, awesome features and a signature magnetic buckle.

The simplicity in design of this helmet is what makes it desirable. It does not have those sophisticated features like aerodynamic design like other high-end helmets.

Features of this helmet

Multiple options to achieve true fit

The helmet comes with adjustable, removal spin dial strap for a true fit.

Easy-on, Easy-off (A no-brainer operator)

This helmet makes it easier for you to operate it with a single hand.It is nicely designed with magnetic buckle that prevents pinching.

360 Degrees Reflector And ABS Shell Material

The helmet comes with 360 degree reflectors for logo, straps and spin dial that helps a person to be seen at night. The helmet also features a durable ABS shell and protective EPS inner foam living.

Comfort and Style

This is a helmet that will hug your head nicely. It also features show-stopping graphics and awesome features.

Certified by CPSC and ASTM

The helmet complies with American’s CPSC safety regulation for bicycle helmets ASTM for skating

Things I liked about this Helmet

Chin strap

The chin strap comes with extra-adhesive padding that will make you comfortable. Its buckles are very innovative and easy to operate with a single hand. The dial system located at the back adjusts very easily on your head.

Fidlock Magnetic Buckle

The chin strap is wrapped in a smooth fabric so that it does not jar your skin. The magnetic closure system is so simple to avoid pinching of the skin.

Enough head coverage

The helmet covers the whole head to make you feel safe and comfortable.


It is so light that you won't feel like you are losing your center of gravity.

Things I didn't liked about this Helmet

The visor that comes with this helmet is efficient in blocking the sun.

Nutcase - Little Nutty Street Bike Helmet

Nutcase - Little Nutty Street Bike Helmet

Editors Rating

A functional good fitting helmet that your kid will fall in love from the moment they see it. The helmet is fully-integrated with thoughtful features that will provide your kid the ultimate safety for their noggin. The good thing that I like about the helmet is that it hugs into your child's head easily for ultimate fit.

Features of this helmet

Comes with multiple fitting option to achieve the true fit

For that reason, it features an adjustable removal dial strap. It also comes included with 3 sets of pad that work together with dial to make sure that your kid fits in the Motorcycle Half Helmet.

Easy to operate

The Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet is made up of simple designs which makes it easy for you and your kid to operate with one hand. The soft chin that comes with this helmet provide extra comfort. Still on that... The helmet also has a superb magnetic system that makes it easy to buckle the helmet without making your kid feel the pinching.

360 degree reflectivity and ABS Shell

Comes with a 360 reflector that makes it possible to spot your kid from far when they are riding their bike, even during the night.The ABS Shell inner foam is durable and protect the helmet from a massive crash so that it does not hurt your kid's head.

Comfort and Style

With this helmet you will see a wide color scheme that you can choose to impress your kids.

Things I liked about this Helmet

External EPS

The primary function of the external EPS is to dispense energy in the event of a crash.

Plastic outer layer

The plastic outer layer of this helmet makes it a robust helmet that is better than others

Two sets of pads

The two pads that integrated in this helmet helps in adjusting your toddler's head to its size.

A detachable visor

This helmet comes with a visor which is an excellent addition and keeps the sun from reaching your child's eye.

Innovative magnetic closure system

The magnetic system makes it simple to buckle your helmets without your kid feeling pinched.

Safety Standard

The helmet if fully certified with US. CPSC and ASTM safety standard.

Things I didn't liked about this Helmet

The helmet comes with a removable visor, but it has one problem. It comes out easily and you have put it again.

Nutcase - Baby Nutty Street Bike Helmet

Nutcase - Baby Nutty Street Bike Helmet

Editors Rating

This is a cool aesthetic helmet that your little kid won't feel like taking off her head. It is well-designed with cool graphics and fun prints that will impress your little kids. If you buy this helmet your kid will love it because of the color schemes that it comes with.

Features of this helmet

Ultimate comfort

The helmet features no pinch. It has a fidlock magnetic buckle that you can easily remove and open.

Lightweight constructions

It features Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam that makes the helmet very light and protective.

Ample room to grow with your toddler

The elastic fit system of the helmet stretches to accommodate your fast growing kid. The baby Nutt comes in 3mm and 6mm for a perfect fit.

Things I liked about this Helmet


The material that was used to create the Open Face Helmet is light, that mean your little petite kid won't feel like they are carrying a load.

Adjustable inner lining

The adjustable inner lining included in this helmet makes it possible to accommodate any head of varying sizes.


The ergo-design that comes with helmet includes front, top and back vents that keep your kid's head cool.

No-pinch magnetic buckle

The helmet features no pinch and comes with a fidlock magnetic buckle that is secured and indestructible. That explains why you are able to operate the helmet with a single hand

Elastic Fit System

It stretches to provide your little kid with more room to grow.

Nutcase - Solid Street Bike Helmet

Nutcase - Solid Street Bike Helmet

Editors Rating

This happens to be winner helmet that is better than other brands like Giro and Bell helmet. What makes it better is because of its simplicity and functionality. Although I will have to agree that other brands like Giro and Bell features sophisticated helmet, the simplicity design of this helmet makes it desirable.

Features of this helmet

  • True fit : Gives you lots of options of to achieve the true fit. To achieve that, the helmet comes with awesome features such as adjustable, removable spin dial strap.
  • Comfort and Style : Comes with 3 sets of soft, thick padding.
  • 360 degrees reflectors and ABS Shell : The 360 degrees reflector makes it possible for your kid to be seen from far and even during the night. The ABS protective shell provides a nice cushion for your kid's Modular Helmet.
  • Comfort and style : When it comes to comfort and fit, this is the best helmet that makes you get admiration from friends.What makes it comfortable is that it has vents, plus interior air channel will bring a cooling sensation when you are biking in the summer.

Things I liked about this Helmet

Click adjuster

Most helmets have some padding and chin strap. But what makes the Nutcase helmet great is the ultimate protections that come from the well-designed straps and magnetic fidlock.

Things I didn't liked about this Helmet

This helmet has a low visor that prevents you from having a clear vision.

Nutcase - Solid Street Bike Helmet

Nutcase Little Nutty Bike Helmet

Editors Rating

This is a super fancy helmet with cute patterns that will get attention of any kid. It's well constructed with high quality material that makes it a superior helmet. For instance the stripes that helmet comes with is very adjustable and provides the ultimate fit for your kid with zero pinching.

Features of this helmet

  • A 360 reflective accents that give clear visibility during at night. The reflective accents are included in the front and back logo and the stripes.
  • The magnetic buckle makes it easy for you and your kid to remove and open the helmet without the worry of pinching.
  • It also has enough padding around the chin strap so that your kid can feel comfortable when wearing.
  • Ventilation : Helmets come with 9 vents that facilitate air flow around the head to enhance a cooling effect during the summer months.
  • Safety : With this helmet you will find two certification like CPSC and ASTM with well-engineered EPS inner foam liner.
  • Adjustable dial : The adjustable liner inside this helmet easily adjust for custom fit

Things I liked about this Helmet

Great Magnetic clip

When opening the helmet you never have to worry about pulling your kid's hair or pinching his skin.The dial makes it easy for you to adjust to the required fit that your kid is comfortable with.

The chin strap

It is nicely padded so that your kid can feel more comfortable. Also it comes with 3 padding that you can easily remove or change them.

More room for growth

This helmet offers your kid more room to grow, because you can easily adjust it to fit the required size.

Why Buy Nutcase Bike Helmets

If you are looking for Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets that is sole-designed for kids. Look no further, Nutcase bike helmets are purely designed for that young toddler. Nutcase went through every single permutation to make sure that they are only creating the best helmets that your toddler will love.

They took every detail into consideration so that they can be the number one brand that fills the needs of this market. And offer them nothing but the best.Over the years of development, Nutcase went through a lot to make sure that their helmet meets the following criteria:

Dual Certification

To produce competitive helmets and become the dominant leader in the market place, Nutcase had to have two certification. They had to meet the standard of producing Modular Snowmobile Helmets for both the biking and skater lovers.

If you want to know whether you are buying a real helmet from Nutcase, check at the back and you will see a sticker behind. Some of the safety standards that Nutcase has met include the American CPSC and the ASTM safety standard. They have a received a green light check from those two bodies.

Fidlock Magnetic Buckle

What makes this helmet perfectly suited for kids is the magnetic buckle. No other company that produced helmets have this patent. The magnetic buckle system makes it easy for the kids to remove and open the helmet.

They are unlikely to feel pinching on their skin. Since most kids don't like to stress themselves too much, Nutcase took this into consideration and decided to make the magnetic buckle easy to operate with a single hand. The magnetic buckle features a soft chin pad that provides comfort for the kids.

The reflective accents

Nutcase made sure to include a 360 degree reflective accents that make it easy for you as a parent to see your parents. Even at night, you will be able to see her as she rides on the scooter or bike.

The visor

I will be both happy and sad about what Nutcase did on this department. Happy because, the made a removable visor which I have never seen other helmet company come up with this design. Sad because, the visor easily comes out as your kid is biking.

Hard Coating ABS Shell

Happy to say that this is the most important features that Nutcase has improved in their brand of helmets. The ABS shell with a redesigned EPS liner offer ultimate front user safety in the event of a crash. The one thing that you will love about the EPS liner is its ability to energize on any knock your kid may experience or the impact that may come from the Dirt Bike Helmet.

Crumple zone

The helmet comes with a superior crumple zone. Maybe you are wondering what a crumple zone is. Well a helmet that has a crumple zone is a helmet that has different size of channel rings around the internal shell. The primary goal of this channel is to reduce the weight of the helmet while at the same time introduces extra energy.

The dial-adjustable system

You can easily adjust the dial system for custom fit of your kid's head.

Final Verdict

If you are thinking of buying a helmet for your kid? You know that Nutcase bike helmet is the answer.

Bottom line:

They are best in the market who have spent decades developing and testing their helmets to make sure that they are the taste of every kid. From the sleek designs to awesome patterns, you will see how they engineered the helmets so that they can have the attention of kids. No kid has ever rejected Nutcase bike helmets.

In fact, if you choose from out very own selection, you will see the admiration you kid will have among his friends. Surprise your kid today and get him or her a brand new Nutcase bike helmet.

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