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Helmetgearlab.com awards a $1100 scholarship each year to one talented student. This money may be used to pay for tuition, books, or living expenses.

Helmetgearlab Online Scholarship Program 

Think of helmets as lifesavers, if you a have been to most hospitals, the emergency section is always full of people who suffered accidents, brain damage could be one and statistics shows that a large percentage of those with brain injury succumb to death.

We do not celebrate accidents, that’s why here at helmetgearlab we are dedicated to helping you form a habit of putting on your helmet when riding scooters/motorcycles. This is to ensure that you are safe at all times.

Unless you know the importance of something, you never appreciate it. This is why we at helmetgearlab take you through the benefits of wearing a helmet when riding.

Aim of the scholarship

The main aim of this scholarship is to provide scooter riders with information regarding the importance and benefits of wearing a helmet when riding.

Statistical figures show that about 544,000 people suffer ride-related crashes each year and out of this 820 of them will perish from them.

It is important for scooter/motorcycle riders to know that while small cuts and bruises can easily heal, head injuries could last forever or even lead to related attacks of the brain.

A helmet is something we all need when riding, they could save your life if you encounter accidents. For this reason, most governments have enacted helmet rules to govern riders.

We are interested in equipping the students with knowledge regarding helmets and provide them with the benefits of using one when riding thereby keeping them safe.

Application requirements

For students who are interested in participating in our program, you are required to write an essay of 700+ words. Your essay should focus on the following topic:

Ways of improving your scooting/Biking experience when riding.

Scholarship details

  •  You must be a student attending high school and waiting to join a recognized college or university in the next academic year.

  • Any student of a recognized university or college.

Scholarship details

However, all candidates must also submit an essay of up to 1500 words(maximum) which should aim at answering these questions:

  • What is the importance of social media as a marketing tool for small businesses?
  • How as social media changed customer acquisition?

  •   How does SEO(Search Engine Optimization) contribute to getting more clients        especially for local businesses?

Scholarship details

  • The best essay writer wins a $1100 scholarship award.

  • All applications are reviewed by Helmetgearlab public relations department.

  •    The essays will be evaluated with respect to their originality, writer’s writing skills and       the level of accuracy of information and strategies.

  • All applications are to be submitted by 30 October, 2018.
  • Scholarship winners will be announced and notified by 30 November, 2018.


All wishful students should send their essays to scholarship@helmetgearlab.com under the subject heading “helmetgearlab Digital”

Make sure that your name, school, major, email address and your phone number are featured in the body of your email.


  • How to best use a helmet
  • Rules to follow when riding
  • Benefits of wearing helmet
  • Helmet safety tips
  • Ridding safety class
  • Choosing the best helmet
  • Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


Riding a scooter/Motorcycle is the best alternative for other means of transport. This is because apart from saving you transport expenses, they are fast since you can avoid traffic jam plus they are suitable for use in nearly everywhere.

However, using a helmet when riding is the best practice to ensure that your safety is guaranteed at all times since accidents are prone to occur on the road.

Why should you participate in this scholarship program if you are a student? First, you stand a chance to win $1100 which could cater for your education expenses. What’s more beneficial also about this program is that it equips you with knowledge about the scooters/Motorcycles and how they help you avoid bad injuries.

Helmetgearlab is built with a strong belief that safety is a priority when riding and having knowledge about the benefits of using a helmet, is one of the surest ways of ensuring safe rides every time.

You don’t want to miss this chance, quickly enroll in the program and you stand a chance of winning $1100 scholarship which could contribute a lot towards your education expenses. The application is OPEN!

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